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The importance of promoting young children’s creative thinking, and the social relationships which support it, is now seen as a vital element of good early childhood practice. The authors push forward our understanding of what young children’s creative thinking is, and how it promotes young children’s well-being. By drawing on research evidence, they examine key issues from the perspectives of the child, the parents or careers and early childhood practitioners, and make links between theory and practice.
This collection of international research offers fresh perspectives on children’s creative processes and the expression of their creative imagination together with informed theoretical critiques of current educational practice.
Children seem to be highly creative: they draw, talk to imaginary friends, and invent clever excuses for not going to bed. But creativity is so much more: it's the highest form of thinking, a way of solving problems and thriving in a changing world. This book has 100s of fun ways to teach 10 creative thinking skills children need, now and for life

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