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This fully revised edition of Martin Shaw’s classic, award-winning text proposes a way through the intellectual confusion surrounding genocide. In a thorough account of the idea’s history, Shaw considers its origins and development and its relationships to concepts like ethnic cleansing and politicide. Offering a radical critique of the existing literature on genocide, he argues that what distinguishes genocide from more legitimate warfare is that the ‘enemies’ targeted are groups and individuals of a civilian character. He vividly illustrates his argument with a wide range of historical examples - from the Holocaust to Rwanda and Palestine to Yugoslavia - and shows how the question ‘What is genocide?’ matters politically whenever populations are threatened by violence. The second edition of this compelling book will continue to spark interest and vigorous debate, appealing to students and scholars across the social sciences and in international law.
Examines current controversies surrounding genocide, chronicling the practice's history and providing a detailed analysis of what needs to be done by the international community in order to prevent future genocidal occurrences.
Discusses the definition of genocide, its causes, and ways of addressing racial conflict around the world.
Genocide continues to confound scholars, practitioners, and laypersons. This Reader lays the foundation for improved explanation and understanding of this darkest of human phenomena. The volume provides an introduction to the myriad dimensions of genocide, and to the various ways of making sense of it.
Why do groups become genocidal and try to incapacitate all members of an alien group, even sometimes killing fetuses? Prematurely alluding to evil or to the Devil blocks the possibility for further inquiry. Get 'Em All! Kill 'Em! is the first systematic attempt to explain what, up until now, has seemed to be inexplicable phenomena.

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