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A volume in the IEEE/OUP Series on Electromagnetic Wave TheoryDonald G. Dudley, Series Editor This IEEE Classic Reissue presentsa unified introduction to the fundamental theories and applicationsof wave propagation and scattering in random media. Now for thefirst time, the two volumes of Wave Propagation andScattering in Random Media previously published by AcademicPress in 1978 are combined into one comprehensive volume. This bookpresents a clear picture of how waves interact with the atmosphere,terrain, ocean, turbulence, aerosols, rain, snow, biologicaltissues, composite material, and other media. The theoriespresented will enable you to solve a variety of problems relatingto clutter, interference, imaging, object detection, andcommunication theory for various media. This book is expresslydesigned for engineers and scientists who have an interest inoptical, microwave, or acoustic wave propagation and scattering.Topics covered include: Wave characteristics in aerosols and hydrometeors Optical and acoustic scattering in sea water Scattering from biological materials Pulse scattering and beam wave propagation in such media Optical diffusion in tissues and blood Transport and radiative transfer theory Kubelka--Munk flux theory and plane-parallel problem Multiple scattering theory Wave fluctuations in turbulence Strong fluctuation theory Rough surface scattering Remote sensing and inversion techniques Imaging through various media About the IEEE/OUP Series on Electromagnetic Wave TheoryFormerly the IEEE Press Series on Electromagnetic Waves,this joint series between IEEE Press and Oxford University Pressoffers outstanding coverage of the field with new titles as well asreprintings and revisions of recognized classics that maintainlong-term archival significance in electromagnetic waves andapplications. Designed specifically for graduate students,practicing engineers, and researchers, this series providesaffordable volumes that explore electromagnetic waves andapplications beyond the undergraduate level. See page il of thefront matter for a listing of books in this series.
Seismic waves - generated both by natural earthquakes and by man-made sources - have produced an enormous amount of information about the Earth's interior. In classical seismology, the Earth is modeled as a sequence of uniform horizontal layers (or spherical shells) having different elastic properties and one determines these properties from travel times and dispersion of seismic waves. The Earth, however, is not made of horizontally uniform layers, and classic seismic methods can take large-scale inhomogeneities into account. Smaller-scale irregularities, on the other hand, require other methods. Observations of continuous wave trains that follow classic direct S waves, known as coda waves, have shown that there are heterogeneities of random size scattered randomly throughout the layers of the classic seismic model. This book focuses on recent developments in the area of seismic wave propagation and scattering through the randomly heterogeneous structure of the Earth, with emphasis on the lithosphere. The presentation combines information from many sources to present a coherent introduction to the theory of scattering in acoustic and elastic materials and includes analyses of observations using the theoretical methods developed. The second edition especially includes new observational facts such as the spatial variation of medium inhomogeneities and the temporal change in scattering characteristics and recent theoretical developments in the envelope synthesis in random media for the last ten years. Mathematics is thoroughly rewritten for improving the readability. Written for advanced undergraduates or beginning graduate students of geophysics or planetary sciences, this book should also be of interest to civil engineers, seismologists, acoustical engineers, and others interested in wave propagation through inhomogeneous elastic media.
Typically, communication technology breakthroughs and developments occur for the purposes of home, work, or cellular and mobile networks. Communications in transportation systems are often overlooked, yet they are equally as important. Communication in Transportation Systems brilliantly bridges theoretical knowledge and practical applications of cutting-edge technologies for communication in automotive applications. This reference source carefully covers innovative technologies which will continue to advance transportation systems. Researchers, developers, scholars, engineers, and graduate students in the transportation and automotive system, communication, electrical, and information technology fields will especially benefit from this advanced publication.
Written by an expert in electromagnetic research, this book provides a thorough treatment of electromagnetic waves that delves into mathematical formulas, delta functions, matrix algebra, and optical theorems. Organized into two sections, the book covers the tenets of electromagnetic wave propagation, radiation, and scattering before illustrating its function in radiometry, geophysical remote sensing and imaging, and biomedical and signal processing applications. The text is intended for graduate students and practicing engineers.

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