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This book is concerned with the origins of the often difficult relationship between the Metropolitan Police and London's West Indian community, and is the first detailed account of the relationship between them during the crucial early decades of largescale immigration. It shows how and why the early seeds of mistrust between police and black immigrants were sown, culminating in the subsequent riots and public enquiries - in particular the Scarman and MacPherson enquiries. Drawing upon a wide range of interviews as well as detailed archival research, this book also sheds new light on the relationship between the Home Secretary and the Metropolitan Police Commissioner in the post-war period, the cultures and subcultures within the Met and the different priorities to be found within its rank structure; the nature of cultural and ethnic prejudice in the Met at the time; its self-imposed alienation from the community it served; and the Met's lack of commitment at the highest level to community and race relations training. All these issues are examined in the broader context of British society in the 1950s and 1960s, providing a prism through which to explore the broader context of race relations in Britain in the post-war period.
Here is a wise, radical, and illuminating book on the obstacles that a rigid interpretation of orthodox christological doctrines presents to dialogue with persons of other faiths. One Christ--Many Religions examines religious pluralism today and, in the light of its implications for the global community, suggests the contours of a revised christology more credible to Christians and their neighbors of other faiths. Samartha argues that the problem with the christological dogmas of the first Ecumenical Councils is not their truth so much as their interpretation, and the un-Christian zealotry they seem to engender in Christians. Sensitive to charges of sentiments of racial and cultural superiority that stem from Christians believing themselves uniquely authorized agents of God, Samartha challenges us to admit the truth of these accusations, and to revise our understanding of Jesus. Without such christological revisions, Samartha fears, Christianity may cease to be Christian, may become enfeebled in the pursuit of justice for the oppressed, alienated from the deeper challenge of Jesus, sealed off from the truths of other religions, and, ultimately, may be barred from experiencing the rich and mysterious encounter of God.
Contains abstracts of missiological contributions, book reviews, and articles.
With extraordinary candor and generosity, Diane Rehm, the nationally known Public Radio broadcaster, and her lawyer husband, John, open up for the reader their marriage of forty-two years, revealing the strong and passionate bond between them as well as the conflicts and turmoils that can overtake a relationship. In a series of highly charged dialogues, they grapple with their pronounced differences of background, attitude, and expectation, so that we actually watch them working to understand each other and themselves, and to resolve issues that even after their decades together have remained hurtful and destructive. Their book is divided into twenty-six chapters, each centered on a difficult and important issue: the expression or repression of anger; strong disagreements about money, about family, about religion, about raising children; temperamental differences—she gregarious, he a loner; the complexities of sexual relationships, and the dangers of sexual estrangement and of the intrusion of a third person into a marriage; challenges arising from professional conflicts, from retirement, from aging, from illness. What makes Toward Commitment so fascinating is the opportunity to overhear a husband and wife bravely anatomizing their relationship and confronting their points of discord. What makes it so extraordinary—and so valuable—is their total honesty. These perceptive and searching discussions will resonate with any two people who care enough about each other to reach painfully deep inside themselves in order to resolve their difficulties and emerge closer than ever. From the Hardcover edition.

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