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This is the Memoir of Manny Scott's life.
It's as if time, Had forgotten itself, And in fun turned its hands too fast. And left me here, With only memories, Just visions of a distant past. Yet every night, As I sleep, A light begins to twinkle and gleam. And for a while, I'm back again, If only in my dreams. This inspirational book of poetry by John D. Ratliff explores the things that drive, inspire, and move us from our experiences to our dreams. It is an expression of our daily lives, page by page, day by day. John D. Ratliff was born in a small town in eastern Kentucky. He attended Alice Lloyd College, then joined the U.S. Army. He then married and had two children. Aside from writing, John also enjoys gardening and game fishing. He and his wife, Jennifer, gather berries yearly and make jelly and jam. John currently delivers mail with one of the local post offices while waiting for the next page to turn.
A businesswoman finds new life and love after she resigns from her job and relocates to upstate New York to help her cousin run a small bookstore.
Since the nineteenth century, children's literature has been adapted for both the stage and the screen. As the twentieth century progressed, children's books provided the material for an increasing range of new media, from radio to computer games, from television to cinema blockbuster. Although such adaptations are now recognised as a significant part of the culture of childhood and popular culture in general, little has been written about the range of products and experiences that they generate. This book brings together writers whose work offers contrasting perspectives on the process of adaptation and the varying transformations - social, historical and ideological - that take place when a text moves from the page to another medium. Linking all these contributions is an interest in the changing definition of children's literature and its target audience within an increasingly media-rich society.
This is an exciting period for the book, a time of innovation, experimentation, and change. It is also a time of considerable fear within the book industry as it adjusts to changes in how books are created and consumed. The movement to digital has been taking place for some time, but with consumer books experiencing the transition, the effects of digitization can be clearly seen to everybody. In Turning the Page Angus Phillips analyses the fundamental drivers of the book publishing industry - authorship, readership, and copyright - and examines the effects of digital and other developments on the book itself. Drawing on theory and research across a range of subjects, from business and sociology to neuroscience and psychology, and from interviews with industry professionals, Phillips investigates how the fundamentals of the book industry are changing in a world of ebooks, self-publishing, and emerging business models. Useful comparisons are also made with other media industries which have undergone rapid change, such as music and newspapers. This book is an ideal companion for anyone wishing to understand the transition of the book, writing and publishing in recent years and will be particularly relevant to students studying publishing, media and communications.
Thirty-something Regina Shelton feels inadequate. Although she is successful in her work as a marketing executive, her personal life is empty. But when Regina meets handsome psychologist Paris Eli on an airplane, she thinks the missing piece in her life has finally been found. As Regina and Paris begin a passionate relationship, she is overwhelmed by his charms and pushes her misgivings aside as she reveals intimate details about her dysfunctional family; eventually she falls in love. Sure that Paris feels the same about her, Regina completely gives herself to him for two years-until he ends the relationship without warning. Suddenly, Regina is propelled into the darkness of pain and rejection where memories of her tumultuous childhood suddenly resurface. As she struggles to find the light of happiness once again, Regina discovers she cannot move into her future without releasing herself from her past. "Turning the Page" details one woman's emotional journey as she learns to overcome adversity, uncovers a long-held secret, and finally finds the self-acceptance she so desperately needs.

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