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A Key West fishing captain takes on Florida’s drug lords in this crime novel from the New York Times–bestselling author of Bad Monkey. Though he is one of Key West’s most skilled fishing captains, Breeze Albury barely ekes out a living on the meager earnings of his trade. Meanwhile, Cuban and Colombian drug smugglers thrive all around—and they have their sights set on Albury and his fishing boat. After the smugglers cut his three hundred trap lines and crush his livelihood, Albury is forced to run drugs to survive. But when he gets busted by the crooked chief of police and becomes a target of the drug machine’s brutal hit men, Albury becomes a vigilante on the seas of Florida, unleashing a fiery and relentless vengeance on the most dangerous criminals south of Miami. Along with Powder Burn and A Death in China, this is one of the early suspense thrillers written by Carl Hiaasen and Bill Montalbano, a writing team praised for their “fine flair for characters and settings” (Library Journal). Perfect for fans of the Doc Ford novels by Randy Wayne White, Trap Line is an action-packed preview of Hiaasen’s stellar Florida-set crime novels including Sick Puppy, Tourist Season, and Razor Girl.
Biography of Gitksan Indian trapper and merchant who was accused, and later acquitted, of murder in British Columbia in 1906.
It's a decade into the 21st century. Warren Graham, seeks informal asylum from America ("the untied states"). Caught up in a singular event that transforms the country, he exits a nation in chaos, a free-fire zone on the verge of ethnic war. In his travels from London to Amsterdam to north Africa, the young photographer discovers worlds, and truths, outside his own. Warren wanders "duty free," pleasantly adrift, taking photos of the rich and famous for the major coffeetable magazines. He's not ready for a chance meeting with Jolie Cooper, the woman he left behind, the woman whose love he destroyed. And he can't be ready for a tableau of violence and murder that sweeps him into circumstances he can neither predict nor prevent. Suddenly he is forced to make choices of love, allegiance and responsibility. In the polyglot of Tangier, he must fight for a future he'd taken for granted.
Identical twins Miki and Julie Collins lead a subsistence life in a remote area north of the Alaska Range in Alaska’s wild interior. This dual autobiography of adventure shines with their love of the wilderness and of the sled dogs that are their loyal companions
Someone is stealing muskrats from Circus's traps. When the Sugar Creek Gang follows Circus's hunting dog, Old Jay, they discover much more than a raccoon trapped in a tree. This Indian Summer adventure includes Halloween pranks, a wild truck ride through an apple orchard, and some genuine fistfights. Everything isn't always as it appears to be on the surface as the Sugar Creek Gang learns that honesty is more than just the best policy... it's the way God commands us to live.

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