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Marjorie Harris offers a timely and entertaining guide to living the richly frugal life. Written in her trademark, witty, engaging, and accessible style, "Thrifty" is chock-full of simple and savvy tips drawn from Harris's own richly thrifty experiences, and those of renowned experts such as bestselling author Margaret Atwood, actor R.H. Thomson, and travel writer Sylvia Fraser. With solid tips and practical advice on thrifty gardening, travel, and entertainment.
Bestselling author and gardening columnist Marjorie Harris offers a timely and entertaining guide for gardeners at every stage of life. Whether you're moving into your first apartment or condo, upgrading to a house, or downsizing to smaller digs, Harris shares the best tips on how to create a beautiful garden for any space - all on a budget. The highly anticipated sequel to her popular book "Thrifty: Living the Frugal Life with Style, Thrifty Gardening" marries Harris's passion for gardening with her thrifty lifestyle savvy so that everyone can create a natural oasis whatever their living situation is - and without breaking the bank.
Many people know one or two things they can do to save money, like cutting back on vacations and meals out, but beyond that, they're stumped. When they look at their current lifestyle, they have no idea where they can trim the fat without sacrificing their quality of life. That's exactly what this guide will do. It will help you identify small, painless changes you can make to your daily habits that can add up to big savings--while bringing you closer as a family. By grouping these money-saving tips into a room of the house or errand on a to-do list, you can immediately put your suddenly frugal plan into action--and instantly begin saving money. By pinpointing the dollar amount associated with each cost-saving step, financial whiz and mom Leah Ingram will inspire you to embrace--and enjoy--your new frugality.
Shows how to save money by recycling, shopping for bargains, and finding less-expensive alternatives to store-bought foods and products
Provides advice on preparing feasts, buying clothes, and redecorating the home for the money-minded individual

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