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In the history of twentieth century modernism, Henri Matisse is a calm and unstoppable revolution of creative genius. Trained originally in the French classical manner, he was inspired by the Impressionists and Cézanne to create in a style that brought out the beauty of colour, form and line by reducing them to their essentials. While considered a leader of the Fauves and an inspiration to most of the great figures in modern art, he wasn't particularly interested in being associated with any particular school or trend. A family man who worked 'office hours' in his studio he defies the image of the artist as enfant terrible or tortured soul. In a career spanning six decades, he produced masterpiece after masterpiece that constantly challenge how we perceive color and form. This title is appropriate for ages 14 and up
Uses Henri Matisse's cutout collages to introduce contemporary art and movement.
If you were a boy named Henri Matisse who lived in a dreary town in northern France, what would your life be like? Would it be full of color and art? Full of lines and dancing figures? Find out in this beautiful, unusual picture book about one of the world's most famous and influential artists by acclaimed author and Newbery Medal-winning Patricia MacLachlan and innovative illustrator Hadley Hooper. A Neal Porter Book
HENRI MATISSE, one of the greatest innovators of twentieth-century painting, was an intensely private person.It was not until half a century after his death that Hilary Spurling's two-part biography cleared away the fog of inaccurate guesswork and gossip that obscured both the man and at times his work. Matisse: The Life contains the pith of those two volumes, universally acclaimed for their revelatory insight, meticulous scholarship and brilliant storytelling. This new, one-volume edition centres on the ferocious struggles that underlay the radiant serenity of Matisse's work, and traces their intimate connection to the personal disasters that beset him, his family and his country through two world wars.This is, in the author's own words, the 'short, sharp, clear portrait I should have liked to write in the first place'. PRAISE FOR THE UNKNOWN MATISSE 'A marvellous sunburst of a biography' Richard Holmes, Daily Telegraph 'Reveals a personality - and a personal history - none of us had guessed at' Richard Dorment, The New York Review of Books 'Matisse is truly amazing, and it is an amazing story . . . Outstanding' Philip Hensher, Spectator PRAISE FOR MATISSE THE MASTER 'A true biographical masterpiece' Mark Bostridge, Independent on Sunday 'An outstanding biography, as full of insight into the pictures as it is revealing about the man' Jeanette Winterson, The Times 'As dazzling as its subject . . . superb' Peter Conrad, Observer
Describes how the artist Henri Matisse began cutting shapes out of paper and posting them on his walls, and how this simple pastime developed into a series of remarkable works of art, and presents fold-out reproductions of eight examples.
Presents the life and work of Henri Matisse in the form of a child's school report, where Keesia learns that over his long career, Matisse made paintings, sculpture, books, costumes, and cut-outs. Simultaneous.
Nazi planes were bombing Paris the day a lifelong, more personal war began for Pierre. It was the day he lost his identity. Born into a famous family, Pierre Matisse grew up immersed in the art world of Paris and the French Riviera, spending time with some of the most famous artists of the twentieth century. The man he knew as his grandfather, legendary artist Henri Matisse, encouraged Pierre from a young age, creating a strong desire in him to become a great artist in his own right. Being a Matisse was an important part of young Pierre’s identity. So he was crushed and bewildered when, at the outbreak of WWII, that identity was suddenly snatched from him with no explanation. So began Pierre’s lifelong search to solve the mystery of who he really was, a quest that forms the intriguing backdrop to this memoir of a fascinating and adventurous life on three continents. Spanning the insider art world of 1930s Paris, the battles of WWII, the occupation of France by the Nazis, Pierre’s involvement with the French resistance, his post-war work restoring art and historical monuments, and his eventual decision to create a new life in North America, The Missing Matisse is a story of intrigue, faith, and drama as Pierre journeys to discover the truth?before it’s too late. Pierre Henri Matisse was born in Paris in 1928. Brought up as the grandson of Henri Matisse, Pierre spent his childhood among some of the most famous artists of the twentieth century, including Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali. During WWII, Pierre and his father, Jean Matisse, were heavily involved in French underground activities, wanted by the Nazis for their efforts in aiding the British spies and saboteurs. When the war ended, Pierre worked in the restoration of the art and historical monuments in France that were damaged by the war. Now a citizen of the United States, Pierre is best known as “The American Matisse, the Artist of Freedom and Love.” He is devoted to children’s causes and has given or created pieces to help organizations such as Project Hope, The American Red Cross, numerous children’s hospitals, missions organizations, and rescue programs around the world. Pierre and his wife, Jeanne, live in Florida.

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