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In this introductory volume, Baba Ifa Karade provides an easily understandable overview of the Yoruba religion. He describes 16 orisha and shows us how to work with divination, to use the chakras to internalize the teachings of Yoruba, and describes how to create a sacred place of worship. Includes prayers, dances, songs, offerings, and sacrifices to honor the orisha and egun. Illustrations, charts, glossary, bibliography, and index.
In The Interpretation of Cultures, the most original anthropologist of his generation moved far beyond the traditional confines of his discipline to develop an important new concept of culture. This groundbreaking book, winner of the 1974 Sorokin Award of the American Sociological Association, helped define for an entire generation of anthropologists what their field is ultimately about.
Have you ever had an unexplained phenomena - a knock at the door but no one there; the hairs on your arm stand up, as though you're suddenly chilled; a gradual aroma rising from nowhere; an abrupt noise; a strange sensation on different parts of your body, like someone stroking your hair; or dreams of your deceased loved ones? These are just a few examples of how your ancestors and spirit guides may be trying to gain your attention. Are you curious, WHY? Perhaps the world is divided into two kinds of people; those who can only fathom the solid material life (the visible world) and those who perceive that there is an active spiritual presence (an invisible reality) operative in most of our lives. Whether this perception is faint or fully actualized, the book Ancestor Paths is the ultimate road map to developing a clear understanding of the spirit world and why spirits try to commune with the living. It also explains how our lives are enhanced and healed through positive interaction with spirit. This book is filled with clear, understandable information on communing with those on the other side and provides outstanding insight on how your spiritual skills and talents can be developed to aid you and your family. Ancestral reverence is as old as human beings and has always been understood as a powerful force for individual, family, cultural and community strength and stability. The Lukumi/Yoruba priestess Aladokun, illuminates how honoring your ancestors and working with your guides can add enormous clarity, direction and peace to your life. Her soothing explanations, advice, caveats, counseling, and explicit directions makes you feel as if you have the most supportive teacher in the world. In a clear and easy to read narrative, she guides us through the infrastructure of the spirit realm, helping us to understand that our divine relationships continue and supports us in our spiritual growth. This guide, newly expanded, is filled with cogent answers to some of the worse misunderstandings we all have about spirit work. She's able to remove the irrational fear we sometimes have of our ancient practices, simplifying the rules of contact for building strong spiritual relationships. No matter where you are on the belief continuum, intrepid beginner or sage spirit practitioner, the comprehensive way this guide is written will make you keep it close at hand. The basics are well covered but it also takes us deeper into the secrets of self preparation, ritual and the power of prayer. She helps us to see that this is not just a curiosity or a hobby, but perhaps the most effective way for us to evolve ourselves, our families and the world. If you're a beginner, with your heart leading you deeper into spirit connection, you won't find a better step by step primer on developing your skills and natural talents. If you're an experienced spiritualist/practitioner, you'll be inspired in all new ways with newly added prayers, quotes and anecdotes that strengthen your understanding of why this work is sacred and the most important work that we do; the perfect book to support your work in guiding your students, clients, and godchildren on their spiritual path. And for the curious, you'll get an honest rendition about spirit life, gain some powerful insights, and, hopefully, become inspired by the stories and processes as revealed by an authentic priestess, Aladokun. Lastly, Ancestor Paths is a tribute to all divinities within the universe that continue to guide, bless, and elevate our souls towards higher consciousness and enlightenment.
THE AMERICAN PAGEANT enjoys a reputation as one of the most popular, effective, and entertaining texts on American history. The colorful anecdotes, first-person quotations, and trademark wit bring American history to life. The 16th edition includes a major revision of Part Six (the period from 1945 to the present), reflecting recent scholarship and providing greater thematic coherence. The authors also condensed and consolidated material on the Wilson presidency and World War I (formerly Chapters 29 and 30) into a new single chapter. A new feature, “Contending Voices,” offers paired quotes from original historical sources, accompanied by questions that prompt students to think about conflicting perspectives on controversial subjects. Additional pedagogical aids make THE AMERICAN PAGEANT accessible to students: part openers and chapter-ending chronologies provide a context for the major periods in American history, while other features present additional primary sources, scholarly debates, and key historical figures for analysis. Available in the following options: THE AMERICAN PAGEANT, Sixteenth Edition (Chapters 1-41); Volume 1: To 1877 (Chapters 1-22); Volume 2: Since 1865 (Chapters 22-41). Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.
Discusses the significance of totemism among primitive peoples and its interpretation by anthropologists and philosophies
The first published account and standard reference for the history of the Yoruba people of Nigeria, first published in 1921.
Discusses the universal legend of the hero in world mythology, focusing on the motif of the hero's journey through adventure and transformation.

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