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"I'd recommend this book to anyone, whether beginner or expert." --From the Foreword by Peter Buck of R.E.M. "Because everything is explained so concisely, you spend less time wading through pages and more time recording music." --Sound on Sound magazine "An excellent book for any engineer or home recordist just getting into Pro Tools." --Tape Op magazine
A professional musician guides serious hobbyists through Pro Tool Pro Tools puts professional recording and music production software in the hands of anyone with the appropriate hardware and the knowledge to use it. Musician and recording engineer Jeff Strong guides you through the latest version of this complex program, offering twice the content of the official guide at a lower price. Eight minibooks cover recording basics, getting started with Pro Tools, recording audio, editing audio, managing MIDI, mixing, mastering, and getting your music to the masses. The latest version of Pro Tools offers a whole range of new possibilities for the recording artist; this soup-to-nuts guide explains everything you need to know to take full advantage of it Written by a professional musician and recording engineer who has authored two previous editions of this book as well as Home Recording For Musicians For Dummies and Drums For Dummies Eight minibooks cover recording basics, getting started with Pro Tools, recording audio, editing audio, managing MIDI, mixing, mastering, and distributing your music Explains how to configure your computer and attach hardware, proper microphone settings, steps for getting your music to sound the way you want, tips on putting your tracks together professionally, and much more If making music is your passion, Pro Tools All-in-One For Dummies, 3rd Edition is exactly what you need to start sharing your sounds with the world.
You’ve got the power. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on recording-studio time anymore. Now, using Pro Tools—a digital-audio workstation—you can record demos at home on your own computer, edit tracks, add effects, and even output songs to a CD. But if you’re new to working with sound digitally, you face a daunting learning curve. Getting your music gear to work with your desktop computer or laptop—and producing results that you like—involves some unfamiliar tools and concepts. At last, here’s a Pro Tools book written by a musician for other musicians! Author Gina Fant-Saez knows first-hand how frustrating it can be when you first make the move to using this complex, studio-quality audio application. Rather than overwhelm you with every detail of the program and complicated terminology or functions you’ll never use, Pro Tools for Musicians and Songwriters teaches only the essentials you need to record, enhance, and output your music. With downloadable audio files from to help you get started, Pro Tools for Musicians and Songwriters will show you how to: • Use a metronome (click track) or percussion loop to help you keep time when you record • Record and combine multiple takes to create one seamless composition • Edit your tracks with crossfades, panning, doubling, automation more[ • Add and manipulate plug-in effects, such as reverb • Share your Pro Tools files with other musicians around the globe • Output your finished composition to a CD
This expertly written guide will show you exactly why Pro Tools shrinks a full music studio into a computer, replacing the bulky recording infrastructure of multi-track analog mixing boards and rolls of two-inch-wide magnetic tape. Ideal for beginning, intermediate, and advanced producers, sound engineers, and musicians.
Pro Tools is quickly establishing itself as the standard software in digital recording, and is available in a variety of versions from free to professional level. Pro Tools Recording Guide teaches musicians and other audio professionals how to record, engineer, and produce music using Pro Tools 6.1, the latest version of the software. Throughout the book, hands-on labs and tutorials focus on the essential features of the program and guide readers through every step of an audio production. Each step of the project includes practical advice on how to handle different situations that might arise, and easy-to-consume sidebars cover the more technical details. The book begins with setting up the studio, and then guides users through the complete process of recording tracks, mixing to a stereo track, and mastering the final tracks. Along the way, it teaches everything from properly recording tracks to using compression, EQ, and other audio processors with Pro Tools.
Prepare yourself to be a great producer when using Pro Tools in your studio. Pro Tools 9: Music Production, Recording, Editing & Mixing is the definitive guide to the software for new and professional users, providing you with all the vital techniques that you need to know. Covering both Pro Tools HD 9 and Pro Tools 9 software, this book is extensively illustrated in color and packed with time saving hints and tips - making it a great reference to keep on hand. * Become an expert Pro Tools user and fully unlock the potential of your system! * Discover how to achieve complete control over tempo, time and key. . Understand how to get professional results using the MIDI and music scoring features. * Master the technicalities of recording, editing and mixing using Pro Tools. * New features of Pro Tools HD 9 and Pro Tools 9 software described in detail. * Link to Website full of useful extra info including comprehensive details of hardware options * Endorsed by leading International record producers, composers and engineers. Pro Tools 9: Music Production, Recording, Editing & Mixing is a vital reference source both for the working professional and for the serious hobbyist looking for professional results.

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