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Young, lovely Norwegian Agnes Gerner is waging a dangerous and secret fight. Outwardly, she is a devoted Nazi sympathizer engaged to a prominent businessman. In fact, she is part of an underground resistance doing everything to win the war against the Germans. The only hope she has of being reunited with the man she truly loves--who serves under the code name "Pilgrim"--is if the Nazis are defeated. Of course, there's no guarantee that she'll be alive when that happens.... Many years later, three sets of remains are found in a popular Oslo forest--two adults and a child. Despite his boss's call to not spend extra time on the old case, Detective Tommy Bergmann cannot help but dig deeper, especially as he uncovers connections to a more recent murder. As he unravels the secrets of the past, it becomes clear that everything is permissible in war--and that only those who reject love can come out victorious.
‘Den sidste pilgrim’ er det 3 x prisbelønnede første bind i den norske forfatter Gard Sveens krimiserie med politimanden Tommy Bergmann i hovedrollen. Hjemmehjælperen mærker, at noget er helt galt, da hun ankommer til villaen i Holmenkollen. Fordøren er smækket på vid gab. Husets ejer, Carl Oscar Krogh svarer ikke, da hun kalder, og hunden er ingensteds at se. Hun finder dem begge inde i huset grusomt slagtede, blod overalt. Carl Oscar Krogh var et højt respekteret medlem af det finere borgerskab og en af Norges store frihedskæmpere, og sære fund på gerningsstedet får kriminalpolitiet til at overveje, om mordet har rødder tilbage til Anden Verdenskrig. Jagten på morderen bliver et kapløb med tiden. En labyrint af myter og løgne fører Tommy Bergmann tilbage via Berlin til den nazistiske besættelse, og nogen er hastigt ved at slette sporene foran og bag ham.
Human mobility is dramatically on the rise; globalization and modern technology have increased transportation and migration. Frequent journeys over large distances cause huge energy consumption, severely impact local and global natural environments and raise spiritual and ethical questions about our place in the world. 'Spaces of Mobility' presents an analysis of the socio-political, environmental, and ethical aspects of mobility. The volume brings together essays that examine why and how modern modes of transport emerge, considering their effect on society. The religious significance of contemporary travel is outlined, namely its impact on pilgrimage, Christology and ethics. The essays examine the interaction between humans and their surroundings and question how increased mobility affects human identity and self-understanding. 'Spaces of Mobility' will be of interest to students and scholars seeking to understand the impact of mobility on modern culture and society, the ethics behind contemporary transport systems and the conditions of immigrants in a world of constant travel.
FROM THE AWARD-WINNING CO-AUTHOR of Something to Prove comes a haunting novel that's been favorably compared to WATER FOR ELEPHANTS. Marisa Delano is thrilled when she unexpectedly inherits the fairy-tale like cottage on the Sarasota, Florida, bay front. What she doesn't know is that another woman, Lucinda Lacey, a sideshow midget who died on the property in 1924, still inhabits it. And Lucinda has no intention of giving up her home to the new owner. Part historical, part mystery, with a touch of the paranormal, THE MIDGET'S HOUSE takes its inspiration from the legends surrounding the author's former home in Sarasota.
A complete introduction to the rich cultural legacy of Rome through the study of Roman art ... It includes a discussion of the relevance of Rome to the modern world, a short historical overview, and descriptions of forty-five works of art in the Roman collection organized in three thematic sections: Power and Authority in Roman Portraiture; Myth, Religion, and the Afterlife; and Daily Life in Ancient Rome. This resource also provides lesson plans and classroom activities."--Publisher website.
This extensive work explores the changing world of religions, faiths and practices. It discusses a broad range of issues and phenomena that are related to religion, including nature, ethics, secularization, gender and identity. Broadening the context, it studies the interrelation between religion and other fields, including education, business, economics and law. The book presents a vast array of examples to illustrate the changes that have taken place and have led to a new world map of religions. Beginning with an introduction of the concept of the “changing world religion map”, the book first focuses on nature, ethics and the environment. It examines humankind’s eternal search for the sacred, and discusses the emergence of “green” religion as a theme that cuts across many faiths. Next, the book turns to the theme of the pilgrimage, illustrated by many examples from all parts of the world. In its discussion of the interrelation between religion and education, it looks at the role of missionary movements. It explains the relationship between religion, business, economics and law by means of a discussion of legal and moral frameworks, and the financial and business issues of religious organizations. The next part of the book explores the many “new faces” that are part of the religious landscape and culture of the Global North (Europe, Russia, Australia and New Zealand, the U.S. and Canada) and the Global South (Latin America, Africa and Asia). It does so by looking at specific population movements, diasporas, and the impact of globalization. The volume next turns to secularization as both a phenomenon occurring in the Global religious North, and as an emerging and distinguishing feature in the metropolitan, cosmopolitan and gateway cities and regions in the Global South. The final part of the book explores the changing world of religion in regards to gender and identity issues, the political/religious nexus, and the new worlds associated with the virtual technologies and visual media.

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