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Jackson interweaves listening techniques with spiritual principles that emphasize the importance of listening and provide a framework for more effective listening.
For the Least of These is the first resource of its kind. It is a vital resource guide for churches, schools, community organizations, businesses, and others that seek to foster justice in the world. Rooted in the principle of “justice from the inside out,” For the Least of These equips organizations and leaders with practical tools to identify strategies for strengthening justice within their own communities and then beyond. Dr. Cari Jackson skillfully presents real-life, entertaining case studies and discussion tips that lead groups to important insights. Using these case studies helps every organization to be more effective in carrying out their missions. These case studies brought our bible study discussion alive. My congregation shared more openly and honestly things they’ve needed to share. One man said, “When are we going to do bible study like this again.” -- Rev. Gwen Dingle, pastor In her first book, The Gift to Listen, the Courage to Hear, Rev. Cari Jackson, helped us to recognize the ways our interactions with others often accomplish the opposite of the meaningful connections that we seek and offered some critical strategies for creating healthier relationships. With these case studies, she’s done that once again! -- Rev. Fred Dennard, spiritual coach This workbook is fabulous! The case studies are quite realistic, thought provoking and chock full of opportunities for critical discussion. And I thoroughly enjoyed reading them...A gem for any group interested in growing -- Sheila Outing, teacher
For the Souls of Black Folks examines the impact of black religious culture in shaping the ethical values and sociopolitical condition of U.S. blacks. The book reviews the nexus of theological traditions and historical factors that have formed black churches as environments where preachers serve as the moral compass for black churchgoers. For the Souls of Black Folks builds upon the work of sociologist W. E. B. Du Bois, who highlighted the presence of a double consciousness in the collective psyche of blacks stemming from racial oppression. The book explores the ways in which that double consciousness, often reflected in black preaching, socializes black Christians to subjugate their own moral authority to that of black preachers. The central argument is that this socialization to submit to preachers greatly underserves black churchgoers in developing and exercising their own power and authority as social agents, and thus significantly impedes the full sociopolitical liberation of all blacks. The book offers important new preaching strategies that more effectively facilitate the empowerment of blacks as critical agents of social transformation and healing in the twenty-first century.
To be effective, pastors must minister in a variety of settings. Each setting--whether hospital room, jail, nursing home, funeral home, or even in the pastor's study--is different. Each setting brings its own unique dilemmas and rules. The pastor's authority will vary according to the setting as will the expectations of the pastor by the staff and parishioners in each setting. The pastor must be comfortable in a variety of settings in order to build Christ-centered relationships, but comfort comes only with familiarity and some settings can be intimidating or even frightening. Bailing a parishioner out of jail in the middle of the night presents challenges to ministry as does helping parishioners plan their loved one's funeral after a suicide. Context matters, and Urias Beverly gives the reader concrete steps and illustrations on how to artfully minister in a variety of common settings as well as how to cope with the dilemmas pastors face in facilitating ministry in these settings.
21 DAYS TO TRANSFORM, TRANSCEND, AND TREASURE YOUR LIFE is a collection of twenty-one life lessons that invite you to look at your life, listen to your heart, learn from your daily experiences, and love the life you have been given. Through daily reflection, you will be encouraged to re-invent your life, your direction, and your destiny by breaking open the hidden treasure that rests within your heart. Reflect on how to: · Listen to your heart and know the truth when you hear it. · Have the courage to listen to and follow your intuition. · Have confidence in knowing that you have the right to a loving and abundant life. · View your life in a positive light, and know that the choice of your experience lies in your hands. · Change your life instantly by changing your point of view. · Live the life of your dreams, with your vision and design. · Know your worth and worthiness, and reflect that to the world. The twenty-one life lessons related in TRANSFORM, TRANSCEND, AND TREASURE YOUR LIFE offer you the gift of a richer, more meaningful life, created by you, one day at a time.
In the summer of 2010, Shirley Sherrod was catapulted into a media storm that blew apart her life and her job doing what she’d done for decades: helping poor, hardworking people live the American dream. She was a lifelong activist who served as Georgia’s first black director of rural development. A right-wing blogger, the now late Andrew Breitbart, disseminated a video clip of a speech Sherrod had given to the Georgia NAACP, intending to make her an example of “reverse racism.” The right-wing media ramped up the outrage, and before Sherrod had a chance to defend herself, the Obama administration demanded her resignation. Then, after hearing from Sherrod herself and learning the entire truth of what she said in that speech, the administration tried to backtrack. As public officials and media professionals admitted to being duped and apologized for their rush to judgment, Sherrod found herself the subject of a teachable moment. The Courage to Hope addresses this regret-table episode in American politics, but it also tells Sherrod’s own story of growing up on a farm in southwest Georgia during the final violent years of Jim Crow. As a child she dreamed of leaving the South, but when her father was murdered by a white neighbor who was never brought to justice, Sherrod made a vow to stay in Georgia and commit herself to the cause of truth and racial healing. With her husband, Charles, a legend in the civil rights movement, she has devoted her life to empowering poor people and rural communities—Americans who are most in need. The incident that brought Sherrod into the spotlight does not define her life and work, but it strengthens her commitment to stand against the politics of fear and have the courage to hope.
Presents a collection of true stories by teachers seeking to reconnect with their vocation.

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