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Students, hobbyists, and others just getting started in metalworking have turned to this informative, easy-access reference time and time again. Without getting bogged down in confusing details, it teaches them what they need to know about the most effective techniques for working with gold, platinum, copper, brass, steel, plaster, and more. In fact, it covers most of the same subjects as the professional version, only in a simpler fashion: metals, tools, surfaces, shaping, joining, casting, stones, and mechanisms. And, like the larger edition, it has a spiral spine and attractive color images throughout. Newcomers to the field will especially appreciate the safety tips and the many charts covering melting points, conversion, factors, and other fundamental knowledge.
This text covers subjects ranging from metals, tools and surface textures (such as enamelling, patinas, etc.) to shaping, joining, casting, stones and stonesetting, and mechanisms such as findings and hinges. It is filled with step-by-step sequences, line diagrams and drawings, safety notes and handy tips.
Presents all the fundamental metalworking techniques needed in making jewellery. Subjects discussed include: cutting and bending, pattern, texture and contour, fusing and soldering, cold connections, finishing and patinas, stone settings, mechanisms and chains, and casting.
Introduces metalworking techniques such as how to create hinges and catches
Clear diagrams and descriptions of the basic equipment and procedures used in metalworking in general, as well as specific projects such as candlesticks and bowls
Copper is one of the most important of the seven metals mentioned by ancient historians. It was known probably before the time of Tubal Cain, who was well acquainted with its uses and an educator of workers in brass and iron. This book is an entire coppersmithing apprenticeship in text form. Every technique and product is preserved in this work from simple stew pots, to a beautiful tea kettle, and even boiler and pipe work for steam engines. If you an interest in the knowledge and technique necessary to take sheet metal and transform them into something that is elaborate and beautiful then this is the book for you.