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This book examines the most expensive and controversial project ever undertaken by the Australian Defence Force.
"Provides an in-depth look at the LCAC military hovercraft, with detailed cross-section diagrams, action photos, and fascinating facts"--Provided by publisher.
Born in Queenscliff to English migrant parents, William Lawrence Baillieu first rose to prominence as a successful auctioneer during Melbourne's feverish land boom of the 1880s. He quickly built an enormous fortune, which he then subsequently lost in the crash of the early 1890s. But, ever the astute and daring entrepreneur, WL Baillieu resurrected his fortunes and those of his family by starting his own real estate agency and investing in the mining and infrastructure that would drive Australia's economy in the 20th century. In the early days of Federation, WL entered state politics and rose to become Minister of Public Works and Health. He continued to foster his business and media interests throughout his life, and by the time he retired, WL was director of the Herald and Weekly Times, the Electrolytic Zinc Company, the Dunlop Rubber Company, and Carlton and United Breweries. Peter Yule's biography is the first ever of this significant Australian u financier, philanthropist and founding figure of the Baillieu family dynasty u whose name and influence is inextricably wound throughout Melbourne's history.
An account of Carlton, this work offers insights into one of Melbourne's oldest suburbs. This work allows the reader to fight the epic political battles, take part in street theatre with Bill Garner, watch the building of the elegant terraces of Drummond Street with Miles Lewis, and more.
The NSA is the largest, most secretive and most powerful intelligence agency in the world. With a staff of 38,000 people, it dwarfs the CIA in budget, manpower and influence. Recent headlines have linked it to economic espionage throughout Europe and to the ongoing hunt for the terrorist leader Osama bin Laden. James Bamford first penetrated the wall of silence surrounding the NSA in 1982, with the much-talked-about US bestseller THE PUZZLE PALACE. In BODY OF SECRETS he offers shocking new details about the inner workings of the agency, gathered through unique access to thousands of internal documents and interviews with current and former officials. Unveiling extremely sensitive information for the first time, Bamford exposes the role the NSA played in numerous Soviet bloc Cold War conflicts and discusses its undercover involvement in the Vietnam War. His investigation into the NSA's technological advances during the last 15 years brings to light a network of global surveillance ranging from on-line listening posts to sophisticated intelligence-gathering satellites. In a hard-hitting conclusion, he warns the NSA is a double-edged sword: while its worldwide eavesdropping activities offer the potential for tracking down terrorists and uncovering nuclear weapons deals, it also has the capacity to listen in on global personal communications.
English, Dutch, French, American and Russian ships anhjored alongside convict vessels in Sydneys peaceful harbour. they carried Matthew Flinders and other famous navigators; political prisoners, daring escapees, Aborigines and Maoris making their first international journeys, and governors to and from their difficult postings. The South Head ......
This book maps the latest developments in public procurement of innovation policy in various contexts and analyzes the evolution and development of the various policy solutions in broader institutional contexts. In doing so, it addresses significant theoretical and practical gaps: On the one hand, there is an emerging interest in public procurement as a policy tool for spurring innovation; yet on the other hand, the current theory, with some notable exceptions, is guided and often constrained by historical applications, above all in the defence industries. By carefully examining the cases of eleven countries, the book points to the existence of much more nuanced public procurement on the innovation policy landscape than has been acknowledged in the academic and policy debates to date.

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