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Big fun, big challenges, 'big' book - this collection offers more for solvers - more than 940 fantastic, superbly constructed sudoku puzzles! They start out easy and get harder as they go, so beginners can build skills until they’re ready to take the real brainbusters.
"The Big Book of Visual Sudoku" reinvents the world's most popular number game by adding a second visual layer on top of the traditional number/logic puzzle--using symbols and pictures instead of numbers. It's a paradigm shift; 273 puzzles that present Sudoku for both sides of the brain, left (the logical) and right (the visual).
Wordoku is a cool combination of sudoku and wordplay--and it’s the hottest new craze among puzzle lovers. This massive collection, which follows on the success of the two earlier Big Books, will provide solvers with hours of fun. It features an amazing 900 wordoku, with grids in a variety of sizes: smaller 8x8s, standard 9x9s, and extra-hard 10x10s. The rules are simple, and almost exactly like sudoku--except with letters in place of numbers. Because the levels range from easy to brainbusting, everyone will find puzzles that are just challenging enough. Plus, when players are finished filling in the grid, they get to uncover a hidden word to complete the puzzle!
Featuring easy to follow instructions to help you master Sudoku strategy Stretch your mind with a range of puzzles, from easy to diabolically difficult! Complete with puzzle-solving strategies plus OVER 600 PUZZLES, The Big Book of Sudoku For Dummies is the ultimate book for the puzzle fanatic. Whether you're new to Sudoku or a daily puzzle solver, this big book will give you what you want. With over 600 puzzles ranging from the encouragingly easy to the baffling and bewildering, this big book will get newcomers hooked and keep experts entertained. Discover how to * Solve the popular 9 x 9 puzzles - 576 included * Work through the 16 X 16 puzzles - 20 included * Master the Circular puzzle - 20 included * Solve puzzles at 4 difficulty levels: Easy, Tricky, Tough, and Diabolical!
Su Doku For Dummies offers more puzzles than any other book on the market. It includes 240 brand new and unique puzzles of varying difficulty, easy-to-follow instructions on how to play the game, and puzzle solutions.Inside you ll find a brief history of Su Doku, a chapter explaining how to play the game and outlining strategies, all accompanied by useful illustrations and 240 unique puzzles to test all levels of Su Doku solvers.· Su Doku Strategy· Su Doku Puzzlemania· The Answer to Your Problems
Sudoku’s a big craze even with children—and this huge collection will keep every puzzle-loving kid busy and happy for days. It features a simply phrased three-page introduction—longer than usual—to teach all the basics and get new solvers up to speed. Then, one after another, come the sudokus, which start easy and become progressively harder as kids build their skills and proficiency. There are hundreds of 6 x 6 puzzles, smaller than the standard, plus tons of adult-sized 9 x 9 sudoku, too. Of course, all the answers are included, so if a child runs into some difficulty, he or she can see how each puzzle is solved.
Are you ready to take on these 500 sudoku puzzles? Completing the grids, which gradually increase in difficulty, will put your logical powers to the ultimate test.

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