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This is an up-to-date atlas of the stereotaxic coordinates of the beagle brain. It provides stellar illustrations of the organization of nerve tracts and the morphology of the nuclei that compose the central nervous system.
This second edition of 'The Mouse Brain in Steroetaxic Coordinates' includes lower brainstem sections, an entire sagittal plan of section and includes a revised section on all delineations, especially of the cortex.
The Rat Brain in Stereotaxic Coordinates is an atlas in neuroscience. The fourth edition comes with completely revised diagrams of coronal, sagital and horizontal sections, as well as revised delineations.
Doctors Dua-Sharma, Sharma, and Jacobs have produced the first stereotaxic atlas of the entire canine brain, using full sections in frontal, sagittal, and horizontal planes from only one breed of dog to achieve uniformity of dimension.
Previous editions have made The Rat Brain in Stereotaxic Coordinates the most important reference work in brain science, and the third most cited book in the history of science. This atlas is universally used, including for all major efforts in neuroinformatics and databasing on the rat brain. The 208 photographic plates of coronal, sagittal, and horizontal brain sections contained in the sixth edition are retained in this edition, with the corresponding diagrams now featuring thoroughly revised delineations. The seventh edition makes new additions of the neuromeric model of vertebrate brain anatomy and rhombomeric boundaries. A new brain is being cut exclusively for this edition, ensuring maximum image consistency and accuracy. Every lab working with the rat as an experimental animal model will want this new edition of The Rat Brain in Stereotaxic Coordinates as their atlas of choice. New brain cut for the seventh edition, to ensure maximum image consistency and accuracy Brain images made on a new scanner, resulting in superior-quality image plates Features a new section with selected sections of rat spinal cord Thoroughly revised delineations in the coronal, sagittal and horizontal diagrams Includes theaddition of neuromeric model of vertebrate brain anatomy Includes the addition of rhombomeric boundaries
The preceding editions made The Rat Brain in Stereotaxic Coordinates the second most cited book in science. This Fifth Edition is the result of years of research providing the user with the drawings of the completely new set of coronal sections, now from one rat, and with significantly improved resolution by adding a third additional section level as compared to earlier editions. Numerous new nuclei and structures also have been identified. The drawings are presented in two color, providing a much better contrast for use, and the accompanying CD-ROM contains all of the drawings from the atlas as well as the corresponding color micrographs (which are not included in the book). Affordable, comprehensive, compact, and convenient, the Fifth Edition continues the legacy of this major neuroscience publication and is a guide to all students and scientists who study the rat brain. 161 coronal diagrams based on a single brain Includes a CD-ROM featuring all of the drawings from the book, plus the accompanying color micrographs that are not in the printed atlas Delineations drawn entirely new from a new set of sections Diagrams spaced at constant 120 m intervals resulting in the high resolution and convenience of use Drawings use blue color lines and black labels to facilitate extraction of information The stereotaxic grid was derived using the same techniques that produced the widely praised stereotaxic grid of the previous editions Over 1000 structures identified, a number for the first time in this edition
This book offers pathologists, toxicologists, other medical professionals, and students an introduction to the discipline and techniques of neuropathology – including chemical and environmental, biological, medical, and regulatory details important for performing an analysis of toxicant-induced neurodiseases. In addition to a section on fundamentals, the book provides detailed coverage of current practices (bioassays, molecular analysis, and nervous system pathology) and practical aspects (data interpretation, regulatory considerations, and tips for preparing reports).

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