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...a comprehensive portrait of slavery in the Islamic world from earliest times until today...D>--Arab Book World
Intimate portrayal of the Arab musical experience, for both the specialist and general reader.
Key issues of contemporary Arab society addressed through the culture of music
Legal pluralism: Ziad Bahaa-Eldin.
"An excellent presentation, clearly written, with much information. . . . Sure to earn a prominent position among the few scholarly based, intelligently presented analyses of the political aspects of the reaction of this civilization called Islam to the ideological and material encroachments of the West".--American-Arab Affairs.
Whether through government propaganda or popular transnational satellite television channels, Arab citizens encounter a discourse that reinforces a sense of belonging to their own state and a broader Arab world on a daily basis. Looking through the lens of nationalism theory, this book examines how and why Arab identity continues to be reproduced in today's Middle East, and how that Arab identity interacts with strengthening ties to religion and the state. Drawing on case studies of two ideologically different Arab regimes, Syria and Jordan, Christopher Phillips explores both the implications this everyday Arab identity will have on western policy towards the Middle East and its real life impact on international relations. Offering an original perspective on this topical issue, this book will be of interest to academics and practitioners working on the Arab world and political affairs, as well as students of International Relations, Political Science and the Middle East, notably Syria and Jordan, and policymakers in the region.
An eye-opehing tour fo the media trends and pop stars shaping the Arab world today.

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