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This easy-to-use guide introduces many proven models, strategies, examples, and methods to new generations of educators, emphasizing the essentials of good teaching.
Practical in approach, this text focuses on how both pre-service and experienced teachers can demonstrate the attributes, acquire the competencies, and meet the standards essential to effective teaching. The framework for the text is the “Teacher Competency Profile.” Chapter by chapter, the essential knowledge and skills for effective teaching are presented. Each chapter contains recent research and best practice information with respect to the theme discussed. This is followed within each chapter with guidelines for teaching, practical approaches to information, extensive examples, cases, and activities. The sequential framework guides the pre-service student's professional development from basic teaching approaches to sophisticated strategies, methods, and skills. By identifying the essential competencies of teaching and providing guidelines for meeting professional standards, this text is also of value for use in seminars, workshops, and professional reading by practicing teachers.
Presents general strategies for encouraging appropriate student behaviors, such as providing structure through scheduling, creating a positive environment, being consistent, and planning for instruction.
This book focuses on the key skills of teaching modern foreign languages. A practical focus is underpinned by theoretical perspective and account is taken of national statutory frameworks.
Designed as a text to support student teachers in training, this book focuses on the key skills of teaching modern foreign languages. The practical focus of the book is underpinned by a theoretical perspective including ample opportunities for reflection. Account is taken of national statutory frameworks. The book aims to assist student teachers in developing a personal approach to modern foreign languages teaching and to choose the most effective and appropriate methods to help pupils gain relevant knowledge, skills and understanding. For mentors and tutors working with student teachers this book provides an overview of the areas covered by student teachers during their course of initial teacher education. Chapters cover, for instance: the teaching of grammar and cultural awareness assessment the use of the target language for instruction and interaction the use of new technologies in the classroom. Examples are given in French, German and Spanish, but most are transferable to other languages.

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