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This book provides concrete suggestions for adjunct professors about how to design and conduct all aspects of teaching law students, based on the enormous body of research on teaching and learning to legal education. New and experienced adjuncts can apply the book's principles from sequencing a course to grading an exam. Updated and revised chapters provide a legal education-focused overview of the research on teaching and learning, students' perspective on law teaching and learning, course design, class design, student motivation, teaching methods, assessment, and professional development as teachers. New chapters focus on experiential learning, lasting learning, and troubleshooting.
This pioneering book is the first to identify the methods, strategies, and personal traits of law professors whose students achieve exceptional learning. Modeling good behavior through clear, exacting standards and meticulous preparation, these instructors know that little things also count--starting on time, learning names, responding to emails.
Designed for law teachers who want to improve their teaching and students' learning, this book offers general teaching principles and dozens of concrete ideas. The first two chapters present foundational principles of learning and instruction as well as insights from students. The next 12 chapters address classroom dynamics, technology, questioning, discussion, collaborative learning, experiential learning, feedback, assessment, and continued development for teachers. Each of these 12 chapters introduces the topic based on educational research and then offers classroom-tested exercises, approaches, material, and methods contributed by veteran teachers. The co-authors/editors, Gerald Hess (Gonzaga), Steven Friedland (Elon), Michael Hunter Schwartz (Washburn), and Sophie Sparrow (New Hampshire) are experts in legal education pedagogy. Techniques for Teaching Law 2 retains the format of the first volume, but introduces new content and new ideas that instructors of any level and background will find useful.
This book gives principals the tools they need to avoid lawsuits by teaching their staff the information they need to practice preventive law.
Reclaiming the Ivory Towerexamines the situation of adjunct professors in U.S. higher education today, describes the process of organizing them to improve their conditions of work, and puts forward an agenda around which adjunct labor can mobilize and transform the universities.In the last twenty years, higher education in the United States has been eroded by massive reliance on temporary academic labor--professors without tenure or prospect of tenure, without benefits, working without offices or research assistance, often commuting between several campuses, and paid a fraction of the salaries of the tenured colleagues. Contingent faculty now constitutes the majority of faculty at U.S. colleges and universities.Analyzing the changing composition of the academic workforce, assessing the strength of new organizing initiatives among adjuncts, and weighing up their strategic options, this is the most comprehensive and engaged account to date of an issue that will become increasingly important for the future of higher education in the United States and in the global context.
There has been major national attention to engineering education in recent years. This book emerges from a study of engineering education by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, as part of its Preparation for the Professions series. The book will document a range of solutions to the dilemmas facing the field, including innovative approaches to teaching design, the use of co-op programs, and integration of basic sciences and research skills. Written for administrators and faculty in engineering schools and programs.

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