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Success in the Superintendency will help new and aspiring superintendents gain meaningful, practical information from award winning, experienced superintendents. The book's ten chapters cover topics identifiable to every superintendent_no matter how many years experience he or she has on the job. The author and editor of the book, Kay T. Worner, weaves information, advice, and research into each chapter making the book a valuable tool for all administrators. The tips, and scenarios for each chapter are inspired by thirty-six Superintendents of the Year representing various states and over twenty years of awards. Because of the wealth of information and advice, the book is ideal for graduate school students, beginning superintendents, and superintendents who seek some advice from those who are recognized by their peers as excellent leaders. The book is organized so that it is easily read chapter by chapter, or the reader can quickly search a topic of interest. Success in the Superintendency is a must have for every superintendent's professional library.
Too often, new superintendents—even if they have succeeded in other administrative positions—can undermine their successes by making critical novice mistakes, such as failing to recognize political stumbling blocks or unintentionally inviting school board member micromanagement. Moving into the Superintendency: How to Succeed in Making the Transition provides novice superintendents with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in their new roles. Thomas Kersten, a highly experienced school administrator with eleven years of superintendent experience, shares the most practical and useful strategies that will help new superintendents optimize their early successes. Guiding beginning superintendents throughout their telling first year, Kersten’s professional advice will shorten the office’s initial learning curve, guarantee a smooth transition into this role, and set a foundation of professional skills upon which superintendents will build their careers.
This comprehensive manual offers direction for every step of the thesis or dissertation process, from choosing an appropriate topic to adapting the finished work for publication.
Asperger Syndrome in the Inclusive Classroom offers support and practical techniques for teachers who work with children with Asperger Syndrome (AS). Based on the successful experiences of classroom teachers, and written from a teacher's perspective, this book provides creative and easy-to-apply strategies that support and encourage AS students in the mainstream classroom, from organization and time management techniques to framing classroom instructions to make lessons more accessible for children with AS. The authors' straightforward, practical advice relates to every part of the school day and includes advice for teaching specific subject areas. They give tips on helping students navigate the school environment, how to handle social situations like lunch and breaks, and what to do during unstructured periods. This book is essential reading for teachers and school staff who want to fully include AS students in the classroom.
A SCHOOL SUCCESS GUIDE FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY--students & parents. Forty chapters--the 3 R's to self-esteem. Eight appendices with directions & actual samples (thinking skills, test taking, writing skills, listening, developing a student portfolio, etc.). Over 500 clear, specific tips. "A delightful collection of practical ideas that will expand your educational horizons...You'll be a better student, parent, teacher for having read this book."--(Lynne Olds, Grosse Pointe Public Schools). "If students incorporate Ketchum's SUPER STUDENT/HAPPY KID!, successful achievement will be automatic." (Michael McIntyre, TBAISD Superintendent.) SUPER STUDENT's tips are "simple, powerful, & highly applicable." (Ian Doten, Wayne State Medical School) Sections: Self Empowerment, Facts of School Life, Study Skills, The Cutting Edge, The Higher Self. "It reminds us that intellectual & moral life cannot be separated." (Dr. Robert Felkel, Western Michigan University) Ketchum, an expert on teaching the whole child, has worked with students K-college, mentored gifted students & founded educational programs. "Tips & basic good advice for a LIFETIME OF LEARNING." Dr. Cecil Miskel, Education Dean, University of Michigan. Order SUPER STUDENT/HAPPY KID! from: Summer Island Press, P.O. Box 279, Williamsburg, MI 49690. (616) 267-5786.
101 Tips for School District Leadership contains essential tips to enhance success of school district leadership. The writing respects the busy schedule of a superintendent and the need for material that can be read and put in use quickly. A superintendent could start applying the advice given almost immediately without having to finish the book first. The 101 tips is a direct and practical approach in covering positive techniques for success. Most central office leaders had to learn on the job or borrow from books written for the business/management sector. These 101 tips are too important to be left to chance learning. All the essentials of the superintendence are covered in this book. "Jerry Jones has successfully drawn upon both his experiences as a school administrator and his knowledge of educational leadership theory to create a book that is equally interesting and practical." -Dr. Martha Dean, Executive Director, WVASA "The Essential Guidebook is an excellent resource for the school district administrator. The 101 "Tips" are a common sense approach to daily issues. Dr. Jones has provided an easy to read prescription to successful educational leadership." -Manny Arvon, Superintendent, Berkeley County Schools, WV
The go-to guide to completing a thorough, well-organized, and effective lit review! This new edition of the best-selling book offers graduate students in education and the social sciences a road map to developing and writing an effective literature review for a research project, thesis, or dissertation. Updated with key vocabulary words, technology advice, and tips for writing during the early stages, the second edition takes students step by step through the entire process: Selecting a topic Searching the literature Developing arguments Surveying the literature Critiquing the literature Writing the literature review

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