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In the case of students, this laboratory preparations manual can be used to find additional experiments to illustrate concepts in synthesis and to augment existing laboratory texts. A name reaction index is also included to direct the reader to the location where specific reactions appear in this manual. The industrial chemist is frequently required to prepare a variety of compounds, and this manual can serve as a convenient guide to choose a synthetic route. Key Features * Offers detailed directions for the synthesis of various functional groups * Includes up-to-date references to the journal literature and patents (foreign and domestic) * Reviews the chemistry for each functional group with suggestions where additional research is needed * Name reactions are indexed along with the preparations cited
This convenient, bench-top manual highlights typical preparative methods for a wide range of polymer types. The Sourcebook emphasizes practical laboratory procedures for a selection of syntheses that are representative of a given class of starting materials and polymerization techniques. The choice of material reflects the extensive industrial experience of the authors, saves on tedious literature searching when planning laboratory procedures, and includes specific laboratory directions that can be used as models for many related preparations. Key Features * Represents a"cookbook"in the best sense of the term * Reflects the practical, industrial experience of the authors in the selection of materials * Includes an extensive section on the methodology of emulsion polymerization * Presents preparative examples that can be used as models for many related syntheses
This laboratory manual covers important techniques for polymer synthesis and characterization, and provides newcomers with a comprehensive introduction to the basic principles of highlighted techniques. The reader will benefit from the clear writing style and straightforward approach to fairly complex ideas. The book also provides references that the more advanced reader can use to obtain in-depth explanations of techniques. Polymer Synthesis and Characterization will serve as a useful resource for industrial technicians and researchers in polymer chemistry and physics, material science, and analytical chemistry. Key Features * Combines the extensive industrial and teaching experience of the authors * Introduces the user to the concept of "Good Manufacturing Practice" * Presents experiments that are representative of a wide variety of polymerization and characterization methods * Includes numerous references for more advanced students, technicians, and researcher

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