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Makes these ideas accessible to a general reader complex concepts of relativity and the stimulated emission of light through the use of mathematics no more difficult than one learns in high school. Written by a noted and successful science writer. Noted science writer Jeremy Bernstein tells the remarkable story of Einstein’s papers and their impact one century ago. Explains the many technological ramifications of ideas which changed our lives in the twentieth century and continue to do so.
Nancy Drew's keen mind is tested when she searches for a missing will.
An analysis of actual facts behind stories in Old Testament
It was Shirley. She was completely pale, her face a blank mask. She was sitting down in the chair behind my desk at the windows and didn't look at me when I came in from the massage room. I looked at her for a moment then quietly asked, "Shirley, please tell me what's going on." After three or four seconds of no response, I was going to say something else when Shirley slowly looked up. She didn't say anything but just looked at me. As I looked at her I wasn't sure what to make of the look on her face. Shirley's mouth opened but nothing came out of it at first. Then she said, "We are under attack from aliens." After a moment I asked, "Like from outer space aliens, Shirley?" She nodded. I listened quietly and didn't hear any explosions or sirens. Beside Shirley on the small desk was a radio. I stepped over and turned it on. Shirley had heard correctly. First-time author Richard H. Wildey is a massage therapist and energy practitioner in Charleston, West Virginia. He is the head manager and missionary of The Triumph Church and is immersed in writing his second novel. Publisher's website: http: //
Stanley always knew that his spiritual aspirations would cause a problem in his relationship with Catherine, but being an apprentice to a powerful metaphysician was the most important thing in his life, and he was totally committed to it. Stanley’s, fellow apprentice, John Korner, gets sucked through a magic globe that is really a portal to the fourth dimension. In spite of all the frantic efforts to rescue John, he remains imprisoned in the dreaded lowlands of the fourth dimension by an evil sorcerer who is under the control of demonic forces. Stanley meets an earth zone intelligence, Amouki who decides to assist him in rescuing his friend. She helps him as he travels through dark and dangerous realms on his perilous journey and allows him to experience practically the things about which he has only basic theoretical knowledge. Even though he meets many beings of the light force along the way, this journey is taken at tremendous personal cost as he is forced to take spiritual initiation before his time so he can activate his newly awakened abilities at the crucial moment of confrontation with the dark forces. He will be forced to make a decision that will totally change his life and the lives of those he loves most dearly. Will he ultimately lose the woman he loves, and will all the hardships connected with reaching a new level of consciousness be worth the tremendous effort required to learn the secrets of magic and metaphysics?
This novel is a work of fiction; Names, places, Characters, and incidents either are the products of the Author's imagination/and/or use fictional; Any resemblance to actual persons, (except where used by permission, or the Author himself) living or dead, events, or locales, is entirely coincidental; NOTE: Although this book is fictional, some of the ideas and events are based upon the personal life of the Author. Some Cities, states, counties and places are real. This will give the reader a general idea of the time, place and era the Author is using. Written with all ages in mind, this story focus on secrets and mysteries which are uncovered when Mike Benton arrives in Ellisville to look over his inheritance of the huge three story Benton Mansion and the Plantation left to him by his late uncle, John Benton. NOTE: While this book is written with all age groups in mind, and while it is semi-Christian, and based upon the faith the boys and Mike have in the Lord, there are a few words and scenes which vary, but are the everyday life style of people. This book is meant for entertainment and to help the readers, regardless of age, to know what it's like just to be human.

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