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A rhyming tale invites new readers to solve a riddle that explains why she likes green but not red, butter but not bread, seeds but not flowers, and umbrellas but not showers, revealing at the end that Milly likes double letters.
Silly Milly is going on a trip, but what is she packing?
Silly Milly is going on a trip, but she packs unconventional items into her suitcase, including a snowman, ten goldfish, and a beehive, inviting the reader to guess the reasoning behind her choices.
Invites the reader to solve the riddle of why Silly Milly likes certain things and dislikes others.
This Level One reader is a follow-up to the sweet and funny Moo Bird in which Bird says "moo" instead of "tweet." In this book, Dog says "moo" instead of "woof!" The other animals laugh at Dog. They don't understand why he is different. Can friends Dog and Bird show the other animals that being different can be fun?
Simple text paired with large, toothy dog grins make this book a surefire hit with beginning readers! This Level 1 Reader uses funny dogs to introduce opposite words. There's a dirty dog and a clean dog, a mean dog and a nice dog, and many more! Plus, there's an extremely long dog who keeps popping into the story. The long dog adds humor to the book, and kids will be anxious to turn the pages all the way to the end! Young readers will enjoy Eric Seltzer's bright illustrations and rhythmic, easy-to-read text.
Easy-to-read text follows young Gus on his first, somewhat frightening, campout.

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