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Real Rights offers a new theory of the grounds of legal and moral rights, thereby providing a platform from which to determine whether alleged rights are "real" or not. In particular, Wellman conceives of a legal or moral right as a complex of liberties, claims, powers, and immunities, and distinguishes the kinds of laws and moral reasons that can ground each of these. The book argues that only agents can be right-holders, that children and the mentally-limited can have only limited rights, while fetuses, the dead, and groups can have none. It also discusses the duties implied by any real right, as well as the kinds of considerations (including conflicting rights) that could override implied duties. This original and systematic discussion of the grounds of rights should interest a wide range of scholars and practitioners in philosophy, law, and political science.
A collection of Hannah Mather Crocker's most famous treatise on women's rights along with her other writing, which serves as an enlightened woman's view of her role in the early American republic.
Since its launch in 1995, the majority of personal data held in the Schengen Information System (SIS) concerns third-country nationals to be refused entry to the Schengen territory. This study reveals why the use of the SIS (and the second generation SIS or SIS II) entails a risk to the protection of human rights such as the right to privacy and the right to data protection, but also the freedom of movement of persons and the principle of non-discrimination. This study describes the implementation of the SIS in respectively France, Germany, and the Netherlands and the available legal remedies in both data protection and immigration law. On the basis of three general principles of European law, minimum standards are developed for effective remedies for individuals registered in the SIS, but also other databases such as Eurodac or the Visa Information System.
With reference to India, Nepal, and Pakistan.
Between 1775 & 1850, Britain was transformed from a country of largely rural communities into one built on the foundations of industrial capitalism. With this volume Noel Thompson provides an introduction to the plurality of anti-capitalist & socialist political economies which this development provoked; political economies which aimed to order the experience of the working class; to analyze the causes of their powerlessness & impoverishment & point to the manner & means by which they might fundamentally improve their material condition. Noel Thompson examines the writings of, amongst others, Thomas Spence, William Ogilvie, Thomas Hodgskin, William Thompson, Robert Owen, John Gray, John Francis Bray, Ernest Jones, "Bronterre" O'Brien & George Harney - writers who argued that the real rights of man must be grounded in the possession of economic power & who, in many cases, worked with an economic conception & language of class & class antagonism. This book not only provides a lively introduction to the origins

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