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Professor Ziman's classic textbook on the theory of solids was first pulished in 1964. This paperback edition is a reprint of the second edition, which was substantially revised and enlarged in 1972. The value and popularity of this textbook is well attested by reviewers' opinions and by the existence of several foreign language editions, including German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Polish and Russian. The book gives a clear exposition of the elements of the physics of perfect crystalline solids. In discussing the principles, the author aims to give students an appreciation of the conditions which are necessary for the appearance of the various phenomena. A self-contained mathematical account is given of the simplest model that will demonstrate each principle. A grounding in quantum mechanics and knowledge of elementary facts about solids is assumed. This is therefore a textbook for advanced undergraduates and is also appropriate for graduate courses.
" admirable book. Indeed, it scarcely needs my commendation: It is already being widely used as a graduate text on both sides of the Atlantic." Nature
This book offers a modern treatment of diffusion in solids, covering such core topics as the transport of mass through the lattice of a crystalline solid. Part I of the book develops basic concepts in diffusion field theory and illustrates them with several applications, while Part II focuses on key solid-state principles needed to apply diffusion theory to real materials.
'Professor Peierls has given an excellent treatment of the fundamentals of this subject. A very high degree of clarity is achieved, and the book is remarkably readable... it will clearly play an important role in the further development of solid state physics.' Physics Today'This book, by one of the foremost authorities in the field, is an excellent and concise summary of many basic aspects of the theory of solids... it provides numerous penetrating insights and an overall unification of the theory. An outstanding virtue throughout is that the author keeps the physics of the situation always before the reader, despite the considerable complexity of the subject.' The Sylvania TechnologistThis book develops the subject from the basic principles of quantum mechanics. The emphasis is on a single statement of the ideas underlying the various approximations that have to be used and care is taken to separate sound arguments from conjecture.
High-level text applies group theory to physics problems, develops methods for solving molecular vibration problems and for determining the form of crystal tensors, develops translational properties of crystals, more. 1974 edition.
This is a classic text of its time in condensed matter physics.

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