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Preparing for Arbitration is a user-friendly and practical guide to the arbitration process. Written by a distinguished attorney with more than 400 days of arbitration experience, both as counsel and as arbitrator, this unique reference speaks to you directly about all aspects of arbitration. This accessible guidebook answers hundreds of questions, some of which you may never have thought to ask: What can you expect to happen in your first arbitration hearing? How should you conduct yourself? How does arbitration differ from litigation? Should you arbitrate or should you litigate in the courts? Should you negotiate or mediate? Should your company include an arbitration clause in future contracts? If so, how should that clause be written? The product of extensive arbitration practice and experience, Preparing for Arbitration can help you answer these questions, as well as assist you in gathering and organizing documents, developing your arbitration plan, and preparing for the arbitration process itself. You'll be informed and educated after reading this guide, and prepared to approach your upcoming arbitration proceedings with confidence. Book jacket.
Preparing for a Child Custody Trial provides a concise and relevant look at the entire judicial process during a custody case. Written by an attorney who has practiced for over a decade in the family law arena, has served as guardian ad litem and mediator for numerous years, and has prosecuted and defended a multitude of contested custody matters, this book offers readers the guidance they need to prepare for a child custody trial. The author covers such key topics as assessing your position, maximizing your chances of success, acquiring vital information, aiding in witness selection and depositions, preparing for trial, and finally, undertaking the trial itself. Through these various topics, this book assists readers in establishing and coordinating a case with an attorney. Preparing for a Child Custody Trial is an indispensable resource that provides the essential information necessary to prepare a successful custody case-preparation being the key to victory in almost every venture.This easy-to-read book explains the custody proceedings from start to finish, including useful insights, warnings for the uninitiated, and tips for navigating the travails of a contested custody matter. After reading this guide, individuals will be able to proceed with confidence in tackling their custody cases. Book jacket.
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