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A biography of the quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers who has led that team to three Super Bowl victories.
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The book is a descriptive survey of popular and academic writings on and by Filipino male homosexuals, as well as a genealogy of discourses of male homosexuality and the bakla and/or gay identities that emerged in urban Philippines from the1960s to the present. This conceptual history engages recent events in the Philippines' sexually self-aware present, but also explores colonial history in showing how modernity implanted a new sexual order of "homo/hetero" and further marginalized the effeminate local identity of bakla.
"Societies of Peace: Matriarchies Past Present and Future celebrates women's largely ignored and/or invisible contribution to culture by exploring matriarchal societies that have existed in the past and that continue to exist today in certain parts of the world. Matriarchal societies, primarily shaped by women, have a non violent social order in which all living creatures are respected without the exploitation of humans, animals or nature. They are well-balanced and peaceful societies in which dominationis unknown and all beings are treated equally. This book presents these largely misunderstood societies, both past and present, to the wider public, as alternative social and cultural models that promote trust, mutuality, and abundance for all." "Contrary to common belief, which misunderstands matriarchy as "women's rule," these societies are based on a tradition of gender equality, negotiate their political decisions through consensus, and have intelligent rules to ensure a peaceful life. At the beginning of this new millennium, there is a lively interest in what has become a new social science. Matriarchal studies make visible a form of society, which is peaceful and balanced both in regard to gender and with respect to the generations, and which demonstrates an ecologically appropriate way of dealing with all living beings. The example of matriarchal societies can inspire us to find better social and cultural models for the solution of many contemporary problems."--BOOK JACKET.

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