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During a sequence of meals, the author relates the principal features of physics in easy-to-understand conversations with his wife Beth. Beginning with the studies of motion by Galileo and Newton through to the revolutionary theories of relativity and quantum mechanics in the 20th century, all important aspects of electricity, energy, magnetism, gravity and the structure of matter and atoms are explained and illustrated. The second edition similarly recounts the more recent application of these theories to nanoparticles, Bosendash;Einstein condensates, quantum entanglement and quantum computers. By including accurate measurements of the Cosmic Microwave Background and supernovae in near and distant galaxies, an understanding of how the universe was formed in an Inflationary Big Bang is now possible. We've also gained a much better picture of the life of stars and how they may turn into red giants, white dwarfs, black holes, neutron stars or pulsars.
這是一本對話形式的故事書,是物理學家阿札羅夫,和不熟悉物理的妻子貝慈, 每天早餐時間的閒談。閒談的內容,就從「第一位物理學家是誰?」開始,搭配了貝慈每天準備的美味早餐,例如高「質量」的班尼迪克蛋、蘋果「重力」薄煎餅、有「慣性」的熟煮蛋…… 阿札羅夫借題發揮,用18頓早餐時間,娓娓道出四百年來、數十位大物理學家的軼事,以及他們的大發現,因此而勾勒出一部物理簡史。 如果你以為物理學就是一堆惱人的公式和演算,這本《物理早自習》可以幫助你撥開迷霧,直接見識到物理學的精華。如果你學過物理,只知其然卻不知所以然,只要輕輕鬆鬆自修《物理早自習》,就能對「萬物之理」獲得前所未有的洞識。
Every once in a while, an idea comes along that makes the entire world sit up and take notice. From the earliest understandings of our place in the solar system, via Darwinism, DNA, neutrons and quarks, right up to the theories that are pushing the boundaries of our knowledge today, we are forever propelled forward by our most gifted scientific minds. In this fascinating book, former BBC Focus magazine editor Jheni Osman explores 100 of the most forward thinking, far-reaching and downright inspired ideas and inventions in history, each nominated by experts from all fields of science and engineering. With selections from established authorities such as Brian Cox, Patrick Moore, Richard Dawkins and Marcus du Sautoy, Osman covers topics as diverse as the Big Bang, vaccination, computing, radioactivity, human genomes, the wheel and many more. Each essay looks at the logic behind these great inventions, discoveries, theories and experiments, studying the circumstances that brought them into being and assessing the impact that they had on the world at large. An intriguing and thought-provoking collection, 100 Ideas that Changed the World offers us a glimpse into the minds behind history's greatest eureka moments.