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A brilliant thriller from 'one of the most sheerly entertaining and accomplished writers in the genre' [DAILY EXPRESS]. Marc Seidman's idyllic world is brutally ripped apart when he is gunned down in his home. Twelve days later he wakes up in hospital to learn that his wife is dead and his baby daughter Tara is missing. A ransom demand is made and agreed to. But something goes terribly wrong. The kidnappers escape, and Marc remembers the ransom note's ominous warning: there will be no second chance. An agonising eighteen months pass with no word. And then, as Marc has just about given up all hope of seeing his daughter again, a package arrives with a note attached: want a second chance? The note is chilling, but Marc sees only one thing: the chance to save his daughter. And, haunted by deception and deadly secrets - about his wife, about an old love, and about his own past - he vows to bring Tara home ... at any cost.
When violence becomes unavoidable, it's best to be informed, and this self-defence book provides revolutionary information that could mean the difference between life and death in the event of a physical assault. Included are drills to increase awareness, examples for using the environment as a self-defence tool, and methods that allow victims to best use their inherent strengths to repel an attack. An interesting look at the psychology of an attack -- exploring the mindset of both attacker and victim, and illuminating the dynamic between the two -- this manual puts the power back into the hands of concerned citizens.
A very candid and passionate reflection on the priestly life of Martin Tierney.
What you are about to read, please remember That God your Father in heaven, who loves you, and asks only that you obey his commandments and repent your sins, so when your time is up He can say to you Welcome "

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