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This practical primer on natural foods not only provides recipes for a variety of dishes that are uniquely Native American but also identifies and describes the uses of specific ceremonial, medicinal, and sacred plants. From clambakes, corn chowders, and turkey with oyster cornbread stuffing, to flavored butters, sunflower seed cakes, and wild strawberry bread, the author offers a unique book that is simultaneously a field guide, cookbook, and useful manual on herbal medicines — all interwoven with Native American wisdom.
From clambakes to wild strawberry bread, this practical primer on natural foods not only provides recipes for varied Native American dishes but also describes uses of ceremonial, medicinal, and sacred plants. 147 illustrations.
Ancestral Threads: Weaving Remembrance in Poetry & Essays & Family Folklore is a master piece of research, charting more than 20 years of delving into the secrets of mixed bloodlines. Poetry, dreams, essays, shamanic journeys, & family folklore embroider the pages amidst old photographs & early maps that help to weave more than 30 generations together reaaching back through time. The mysteries of mixed bloodlines & mingled ancestries blossom here with unusual color & grow evermore interesting when you see how everything weaves together. Ancestral Threads is an inspiring, multi-generational, multi-family saga honoring the ancestors & celebrating their enduring spirits with special affection. The Language of Flowers & Elizabethan Ethnobotany of Shakespeare embellish the early part of the book. Special essays, haiku, & haibun help sketch together some amazing experiences. This inspiring work delves deeply into the origins of names and sources of family origins in most stimulating ways!
Migration is a global and ubiquitous phenomenon. A large percentage of our cultivated land in industrialized as well as in developing countries are covered with migrated or introduced plants. But also in natural habitats and communities, migration of animals, plants and microorganisms plays a key role in the functioning or threat to the present ecosystems. The special feature of this book is that all forms of migration - be it plant, microbial, animal or human - and their mutual impact are covered in detail. It is estimated that during the next twenty years more than one billion people will migrate from rural areas to urban districts worldwide, forced by deteriorating biological resources and with enormous consequences on the functioning of both ecosystems and such central economic areas such as trade, transport and tourism. The contributions in this book are the result of an innovative International Conference and OECD Workshop aimed at triggering off the interdisciplinary dialogue between natural scientists and socioeconomists.

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