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Native American recipes for such dishes as cattail biscuits, fish ice cream, and stuffed squash blossoms. Includes information on Indian cooking and food.
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In this history, Helen C. Roundtree traces events that shaped the lives of the Powhatan Indians of Virginia, from their first encounter with English colonists, in 1607, to their present-day way of life and relationship to the state of Virginia and the federal government. Roundtree’s examination of those four hundred years misses not a beat in the pulse of Powhatan life. Combining meticulous scholarship and sensitivity, the author explores the diversity always found among Powhatan people, and those people’s relationships with the English, the government of the fledgling United States, the Union and the Confederacy, the U.S. Census Bureau, white supremacists, the U.S. Selective Service, and the civil rights movement.
Describes Chippewa techniques of gathering and preparing nearly two hundred wild plants of the Great Lakes area and provides information on their medicinal usage and botanical and common names. Bibliogs
This practical primer on natural foods not only provides recipes for a variety of dishes that are uniquely Native American but also identifies and describes the uses of specific ceremonial, medicinal, and sacred plants. From clambakes, corn chowders, and turkey with oyster cornbread stuffing, to flavored butters, sunflower seed cakes, and wild strawberry bread, the author offers a unique book that is simultaneously a field guide, cookbook, and useful manual on herbal medicines — all interwoven with Native American wisdom.
Features recipes that incorporate foods indigenous to the United States to celebrate Native American culture, diet, ceremony, and history
A gift book for food lovers, showcasing ninety authentic recipes from the Americas' indigenous populations in conjuction with the Smithsonian Institution.

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