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This book collects the Spanish cartoonist s twisted comics, which are popular on Facebook."
Le livre Ce livre contient 48 planches muettes, chaque page étant autoconclusive. Si elles s’inscrivent dans le monde de la bande dessinée de par leur forme et le découpage du récit, elles peuvent aussi être décrites et abordées comme des peintures du 21ème siècle. Mot de l’éditeur À l’instar de Pierre La Police, Joan Cornellà cherche à choquer par l’absurde, toutefois il s’en éloigne dans sa recherche de l’esthétique et le cynisme qui teinte certaines de ses histoires. Sous leurs airs bon enfant, les dessins cachent une véritable violence à la fois gratuite et surréaliste qui n’aurait probablement pas déplue aux précursseurs du genre que sont Buñuel et Dalí. Il n’est pas étonnant dès lors que l’auteur avoue volontiers apprécier Kamagurka & Herr Seele, les créateurs de Cowboy henk. Joan Cornellà Joan Cornellà (Barcelone, 1981) est le pseudo du dessinateur de bandes dessinées Renato Valdivieso, collaborateur habituel de la revue El Jueves et sporadique mais non moins fidèle de La Cultura del Duodeno, El periódico de Cataluña, Amaníaco, Tmeo, du journal Ara ou encore Quimera. En 2009, il gagne la troisième édition du prix Josep Coll avec son album Abulio paru chez Glénat. Durant des années il a partagé son talent de dessinateur avec sa véritable passion : exercer de figurant dans les films porno aux budgets serrés. D’autre part, il est le petit-fils du célèbre présentateur télé Jesus Vázquez, icône de la gay power espagnole. Il vient de publier Fracasa Mejor (ce qui signifie mot à mot Mieux Rater, que l’on pourrait traduire par Comment mieux rater sa vie), une bande dessinée reprenant les histoires en noir et blanc publiées ces trois dernières années dans El Jueves et divers fanzines sans compter quelques inédits.
The perpetually insouciant glaze of his characters belies the sharp verbal and visual wit of Furie, who delivers a stoner classic for the Tumblr generation. In fact, Furie's wildly popular teenage weirdos became an overnight internet sensation when Pepe the Frog was widely adopted by users of 4chan and remixed ad infinitum from there (including uses by pop stars like Nicki Minaj and Katy Perry), giving Boy's Club built-in recognition with many.
are you the type of person who: - thinks books are quite good - has never held a book before and would like to try holding one for a day - is completely normal and just wants to look at something - is fed up - would rather be dead - is frightened of what tomorrow may bring - is curious - needs a bit of motivation - wants to feel more positive about your life then this is the book for you because the words and pictures inside of this book will instantly make you feel more positive about yourself even after just having a look at them for about a second or 3 seconds what happens to your body when you have no motivation: when you have no motivation it is like a wall of sadness has been built up inside of yourself and it is this wall that stops all of the happy things in the world from getting inside of your body so take my book and use it to break down the wall of sadness brick by brick so that happiness can climb back inside of your body and live there for the rest of your days love from your friend Chris (Simpsons artist) xox
In this eye-opening work of economic theory, Jane Jacobs argues that it is cities—not nations—that are the drivers of wealth. Challenging centuries of economic orthodoxy, in Cities and the Wealth of Nations the beloved author contends that healthy cities are constantly evolving to replace imported goods with locally-produced alternatives, spurring a cycle of vibrant economic growth. Intelligently argued and drawing on examples from around the world and across the ages, here Jacobs radically changes the way we view our cities—and our entire economy.
Megg the witch, Mogg the cat, their friend Owl, and Werewolf Jones struggle unsuccessfully with their depression, drug use, sexuality, poverty, lack of ambition, and their complex feelings about each other. It’s a laff riot! Megg and Mogg decide to take a trip to Amsterdam for some quality couple time, although the trip gets off to a rocky start when they forget their antidepressants. They need Owl to come and help them save their relationship. But why does he have a suitcase full of glass dildos? And what will they do when they realize that the housesitting Werewolf Jones has turned their apartment into a “f#@k zone”? Megg & Mogg in Amsterdam collects all of Simon Hanselmann’s contributions to, the Ignatz Award-nominated short story “St. Owl’s Bay,” and other surprises that will add additional color and background for fans of Megahex.
The Routledge Dictionary of Latin Quotations completes our enormously successful and award-winning Latin for the Illiterati series of volumes, rounding off the trilogy with a comprehensive treasury of classic Latin quotations, mottoes, proverbs, and maxims collected from the worlds of philosophy, rhetoric, politics, science, religion, literature, drama, poetics, and war.Distinguished by the combination of user-friendliness and comprehensiveness, this book will provide students, scholars, and general readers with an eminently browsable resource that is as useful as it is enjoyable.

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