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Perhaps once in a generation it is possible for a historian to reinterpret the long sweep of an area and a period in our history. K. Ross Toole has chosen Montana for this purpose, and the brilliant success of his achievement must be apparent to all who read these pages. He has consciously avoided a systematic presentation of the history of this "uncommon land," Instead, he has chosen to put the great and many of the smaller but significant episodes of a century and a half into new perspective. The record, in its colorful and romantic aspects, stretches from the days of Lewis and Clark; and in its more recent aspects, from the subjugation of the Indian to the predominance of big mining and timber enterprises. The resulting portrait is sharply drawn by a man who knows not only how to interpret the remote and recent past but how to write with great effect. Montana is best remembered by most Americans as the state in which the Indian played his last dramatic role with the annihilation of General George Armstrong Custer. But it was also the area in which the fur trade had its roots; where the sheepherders and the cattlemen vied with each other for the right to graze the land; where the "honyockers" tried-and often failed to master the land and the seasons; where copper interests have played a powerful role in politics and in the lives of the people; and where, only recently, the oil industry has followed the boom-and-bust cycle so well known in the state. This story of Montana points up particularly the position which is and has been occupied by the state in relation to the nation as a whole.
Montana: A History of Two Centuries first appeared in 1976 and immediately became the standard work in its field. In this thoroughgoing revision, William L. Lang has joined Michael P. Malone and Richard B. Roeder in carrying forward the narrative to the 1990s. Fully twenty percent of the text is new or revised, incorporating the results of new research and new interpretations dealing with pre-history, Native American studies, ethnic history, women’s studies, oral history, and recent political history. In addition, the bibliography has been updated and greatly expanded, new maps have been drawn, and new photographs have been selected.
When Toby Holt, the son of legendary wagonmaster Whip Holt, receives a presidential order to continue a survey for a new railroad line through Montana, he encounters hostile Sioux Indians and a murderous gang of outlaws, which puts the future of America at risk. Reprint.
Montanans are legendary for their courage and willingness to take on challenges as big as the Montana sky. But the heroines in these four inspirational novels are ordinary people facing mountains of trouble. As the comforts of daily routine are threatened, they'll need to dig deep for a sustaining faith. Edith Harkness is a widowed teacher who quits her job after a shooting at school. Though her children urge her to retire and take life easy, Edith takes on a new job - and meets a new love interest. Can life begin afresh with an Autumn Love? Libby Reynold's marriage has fallen apart and her husband is a threat to both her and her children. Forced to seek refuge, Libby prays for a miracle in the life of the man she still loves. But does she have the emotional strength to wait for a Contagious Love? Beth Slater is no stranger to life's challenges. Raising a four-year-old son alone has tested her strength and molded her into a beautiful young woman. But when her son is kidnapped, her strength suddenly vanishes. Can she grasp onto Inspired Love - the love of God and the love of a godly man? When Rebecca Sutherland retires as the librarian at Rocky Bluff High School she accepts a position in Guam. Before she leaves, the house next door burns down and her home becomes the investigation command center. Partnered with the handsome fire chief, she attempts to unravel the mystery surrounding the fire - while ignoring the sparks of romance. Can Distant Love survive her two-year contract? Set in the fictional town of Rocky Bluff, Montana, these four complete contemporary novels by author Ann Bell demonstrate the power of prayer, friendship, and love.
Drawn to the more obscure and hidden places the crowds miss, photographers Lambing and Mumford have complied a collection of photographs spanning the vast state of Montana: beautifully aged historic structures, hard-to reach lakes, elusive wildlife, and broad panoramas from remote locales. Through planning and persistence, they've been rewarded with some truly magical moments, which they share in Montana: A Scenic Treasure.
"Montana Moments offers historical vignettes on topics ranging from axolotls, archaeology, and epitaphs to tourism and time zones"--Provided by publisher.

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