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In this classic resource, pre-service and new teachers get well-developed approaches to teaching, grounded in research and experience and designed to ensure the high levels of learning they are intended to generate. With the goal of providing the strongest positive effect on student achievement while keeping in line with the current emphasis on standards-based education, "Models of Teaching "pairs rationale and research with real-world examples and applications to provide a strong foundation for future and new educators. The book encompasses all of the major psychological and philosophical approaches to teaching and schooling, includes thoroughly documented research on the various models of teaching and their subsequent positive effects on student success, and gives teachers the tools they need to build strong classrooms that accelerate student learning. NEW! Discussions of research relevant to each model are woven into the text. NEW! Advice from the authors about teaching and the use of the models of teaching is provided in links throughout the Pearson eText. NEW! A PowerPoint outline for instructors supplements the print material. NEW! An extensive Instructor's Manual (with links throughout) helps instructors plan and present courses and workshops, and serves as a study guide for students in mastering the text and applying the models in the classroom. Multimedia materials support learning of the models 25 video demonstrations of the models in action are available at Support for incorporating the new Common Core Standards: Each model is described in relation to the relevant standards.
"This handbook shares successful models and practices of teacher professional development and learning along with suggestions for sustaining professional development. The handbook is intended to address professional development issues for P-12 educators in all content areas, forges a balance between policy issues and theoretical frameworks, along with presenting recommendations for best practices in professional development. It is divided into four parts: (1) professional development past and present; (2) the complexity of professional development in today's schools; (3) developing solutions for effective professional development; and (4) pulling it all together"--
It takes a real teacher, such as Professor Sally Caldwell, to write a statistics textbook that allows students to truly understand and connect with the subject matter. STATISTICS UNPLUGGED comes into its Second Edition with the same goals as in the First Edition: to help students overcome their apprehension of statistics. Caldwell does this by emphasizing the logic behind statistical analysis, and by helping students gain an intuitive understanding of statistics not just by focusing on formulas and equations. Student feedback about the book repeatedly points out Caldwell’s student-friendly language and how she writes in a way that makes the material understandable. Brief and affordable, STATISTICS UNPLUGGED succinctly alleviates student’s fears of formulas, and helps them to understand the relevance of statistics to their lives. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.
This market-leading book has been updated to reflect the latest in learning theory, science reform, and professional development. Includes complete chapters on incorporating educational technology into the science classroom, classroom management and conflict resolution, and teaching science for cultural and gender differences. For Educators and School Administrators for Secondary Science.
Multicultural Education is a reader for educators that consists of articles written by the top scholars in the field. It helps them understand the concepts, paradigms, and explanations needed to become more effective practitioners in culturally, racially and language diverse classrooms. Each chapter now incorporates new theoretical, conceptual, and research developments in the field. A new chapter focuses on gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender issues. Every statistical table, figure, and chart has also been updated to present the most current information. Educators will gain insight that they’ll be able to apply in the classroom.
Now in its seventh edition, Richard Arends' highly regarded text provides comprehensive coverage of general teaching methods and models. Administration and the management aspects of teaching are also covered. The edition includes a CD-ROM and an online learning facility via Powerweb.
This book considers if and how oral history is ‘best practice’ for education. International scholars, practitioners, and teachers consider conceptual approaches, methodological limitations, and pedagogical possibilities of oral history education. These experts ask if and how oral history enables students to democratize history; provides students with a lens for understanding nation-states’ development; and supports historical thinking skills in the classrooms. This book provides the first comprehensive assessment of oral history education – inclusive of oral tradition, digital storytelling, family histories, and testimony – within the context of 21st century schooling. By addressing the significance of oral history for education, this book seeks to expand education’s capacity for teaching and learning about the past.

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