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Medical Language for Modern Health Care, third Edition, uses a Contextual Learning approach to introduce medical terminology within a healthcare environment. Chapters are broken into lessons that present and define terminology through the context of A & P, pathology, as well as clinical and diagnostic procedures. The text is setup in a way that covers one topic at a time, offering contextual content, tables, and exercises all in one place. Word Analysis and Definition Tables provide a color-coded guide to word parts and combining forms, as well as definitions and pronunciations. Now featuring newly added chapters covering Geriatrics, Oncology, Radiology, and Pharmacology. With unfolding patient case studies and documentation, students are introduced to various roles in the healthcare environment, illustrating the real-life application of medical terminology.
Making healthcare decisions is hard, but making the right choices has never mattered more. Healthcare Choices: 5 Steps to Getting the Care You Want and Need gives you the tools you need to choose the best medical care—for you. Archelle Georgiou, MD, explains her CARES model, the formula she developed to help family, friends, and thousands of television viewers make smart healthcare decisions that balance the best medical options with individual preferences. Using more than 30 real-life stories and insider tips, she demonstrates how to use this step-by-step guide to access the medical information you need to evaluate your options and make well-informed choices. Whether you are addressing a life-threatening illness, self-managing a minor ailment, selecting a doctor, or buying insurance, Georgiou’s roadmap shows you how to be an active participant in your care. Her “go to” approach describes how to: Identify all treatment options for an illness, including those not mentioned by your doctor. Make treatment decisions that reflect your priorities and preferences. Find the best doctor to treat your condition. Communicate with your doctor and make shared treatment decisions. Choose the health insurance plan that’s right for you. Maintain a voice in your lifestyle as you age. Healthcare Choiceswill give you the confidence to advocate for the healthcare you want, need, and deserve.
Presents a guide to the aspects of the Spanish language most useful for professionals in the health care field that covers basic grammar and specialized vocabulary.
Now in its Third Edition, Medical Language has touched the lives of more people than any other medical terminology book. This intensely visual, powerfully relevant book is organized to promote exceptionally effective instruction and maximum student success. Fully updated to cover the field’s newest terminology, this edition retains a deep focus on word building, and enhances teaching and learning in many ways -- including a state-of-the-art immersive online study experience. Its appealing, uncluttered design contains hundreds of rich images and plenty of white space for easy reading and note taking. Student learning is promoted through an unsurpassed quantity and variety of exercises, more colorful, interesting, and large illustrations, and — as requested by most instructors — an intuitive organization around medical specialties. In addition to content updates throughout, this edition is complemented by a brand new set of Dynamic Lectures: comprehensive audio/visual learning experiences narrated by the author. NOTE: This is just the standalone book.
A comprehensive introduction to medical terminology with an outstanding full-color art program. The text is organized by body systems and places a strong emphasis on anatomy and physiology, as well as roots, prefixes, and suffixes. Real-world application cases and physical exam, diagnosis, and treatment sections add a realistic clinical component to most chapters. A separate chapter on surgical terms is unique. Concept maps help students see how specifics fit into the big picture. Workbook style exercises include definitions, word building, vocabulary, crossword puzzles, spelling, abbreviations, and cases. A medical dictionary is built into the appendix. (medical terminology, med term, body system, medical specialty, diseases, pathophysiology) ALSO AVAILABLE - INSTRUCTOR SUPPLEMENTS CALL CUSTOMER SUPPORT TO ORDER Instructor's Guide ISBN: 0-314-06959-3 Computerized Test Bank (3.5" disk, Windows) ISBN: 0-314-09335-5 Computerized Test Bank (3.5" disk, DOS) ISBN: 0-314-09336-2 Computerized Test Bank (3.5" disk, Mac) ISBN: 0-314-09334-6 Printed Test Bank ISBN: 0-314-06960-7 Transparencies (200, full-color) ISBN: 0-314-06961-5 Powerpoint Presentation Files, 3.5", Windows ISBN: 0-314-09039-8 Powerpoint Presentation Files, 3.5", Macintosh ISBN: 0-314-09038-X Activity/Flash Cards 500 cards on a ring ISBN: 0-314-08925-X Pronunciation Audiotape ISBN: 0-314-20123-8 Complete Set of Audiotapes ISBN: 0-314-20371-0

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