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Communicate with your Spanish-speaking students and parents as easy as uno, dos, tres A working knowledge of the Spanish language is an indispensable part of an educator’s skill set. McGraw-Hill’s Spanish for Educators gives you more than 3,000 Spanish words and phrases and the basic grammar needed to use them properly and with confidence. You will learn vocabulary that covers every aspect of a student’s school career, from kindergarten enrollment through high school graduation. Designed to get you quickly up and running with all the Spanish you need to build stronger relationships with Spanish-speaking students and families, McGraw-Hill’s Spanish for Educators features: English-Spanish mini-dictionary Phonetic translations Bilingual forms and letters for parents Spanish grammar primer Hundreds of practical, hands-on exercises Useful cultural notes
Presents a comprehensive introduction to conversational Spanish for educators that contains words and phrases pertaining to classroom instruction, administration, discipline, and health care; and includes three audio CDs.
What you need to know to master intermediate Spanish grammar McGraw-Hill Education: Intermediate Spanish Grammar guides you through this often-difficult subject, clearly explaining advanced concepts and giving you the practice you need to reach your language goals. Written in clear Spanish, with English glosses for key concepts, each chapter introduces one grammar topic followed by skill-building exercises, allowing you to learn and study at your own pace. At the end of this workbook, you will have mastered grammar areas such as gender, articles, adjectives, possessives, and verb tenses and will be ready to take your grammar knowledge to an advanced level. Features: 116 units, each presenting one topic in a bite-sized, two-page format More than 400 exercises that give you real confidence in your new language skills A comprehensive grammar glossary highlighting essential concepts A bilingual glossary featuring hundreds of terms for quick reference Numerous illustrations and usage examples showing Spanish grammar in context Luis Aragones and Ramon Palencia are Spanish-language learning experts. Grupo SM is the third-largest educational publisher in the Spanish-speaking world. McGraw-Hill Education: Intermediate Spanish Grammar is the second book in a three-part series: after completing this workbook you can build on your skills with McGraw-Hill Education: Advanced Spanish Grammar.
The Development of Spanish as a Second Language: A Guide for Teachers ©2015 | Ballman, Mandell The Development of Spanish as a Second Language: A Guide for Teachers was inspired by the many dedicated language teachers who feel responsible for their students' errors, particularly in speech. The Development of Spanish as a Second Language: A Guide for Teachers has as its centerpiece the exploration of 40 speech samples produced by four levels of Spanish university students (first through fourth year). This is the only book that specifically (a) describes and illustrates the developmental patterns of several grammatical and lexical features (e.g., ser and estar, subject-verb agreement) commonly included in Spanish L2 course syllabi and class materials; and (b) draws on examples from actual cross-sectional Spanish learner data in a user-friendly format. This book is intended for readers with little to no knowledge of contemporary theory and/or research about Second Language Acquisition. The target audience includes: students in a course about teaching Spanish as a second/foreign language. (This book may serve as a supplement to books such as Making Communicative Language Teaching Happen [Lee & VanPatten, 1995, 2013, McGraw-Hill] and How Languages are Learned [Lightbrown & Spada, 1993, 2008 Oxford].); undergraduate Spanish majors enrolled in an applied linguistics course about Spanish or second language acquisition; Spanish teachers at the high school or college levels; and other Spanish-teaching faculty, administrators, or readers who wish to become more familiar with how L2 proficiency in general, and Spanish as an L2 in particular, develops over time.
Designed for use either as a stand-alone guide or as a built-in part of the series' audio packages, McGraw-Hill: Complete Medical Spanish offers health care professionals an enjoyable way to quickly acquire the skills and confidence they need to communicate with their Spanish-speaking patients. Each chapter focuses on a specific set of key terms and phrases and includes dozens of illustrations to help enhance understanding. Unlike other guides that make no distinction between levels of difficulty, this book introduces essential grammar concepts in a progressive manner.
Presents a guide to the aspects of the Spanish language most useful for professionals in the health care field that covers basic grammar and specialized vocabulary.
Building on the success of her prior book, Practice Makes Perfect: Spanish Verb Tenses, author Dorothy Devney Richmond helps learners attain a strong working vocabulary, no matter if they are absolute beginners or intermediate students of the language. She combines her proven instruction techniques and clear explanations with a plethora of engaging exercises, so students are motivated and hardly notice that they are absorbing so much Spanish. Practice Makes Perfect: Spanish Vocabulary also includes basic grammar and structures of the language to complement learners’ newly acquired words. "Vocabulary Builders" help students add to their Spanish repertoire by using cognates, roots, suffixes, prefixes, and other "word-building" tools.

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