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Abigail Baldwyn might not be a widow after all.... Ever since she received word that her husband, Robert, was killed in the Civil War, Abigail has struggled to keep her Tennessee home and family together. Then a letter arrives claiming that Robert isn't dead, yet he has no plans to return. Desperate for answers, Abigail travels to Independence, Missouri, where she joins a westbound wagon train to find him. Leading a company along the Oregon Trail isn't part of Hoke Mathews's plans. But then the former cavalry scout gets a glimpse of Abigail--so elegant compared to the rest of their hardscrabble wagon community, yet spirited and resilient. Through every peril they encounter--snakebites, Indian raids, fevers, dangerous grudges--his bond with Abigail grows. Abigail knew this journey would test her courage. Now it's testing her marriage vows and her heart, daring her to claim a future on her own terms in a land rich with promise.
This book, written by Clare Holdsworth and David Morgan, looks at the socially significant event of leaving the parental home.
Independence follows the journey of a young woman named Sonora Parish in the late 1800’s, as she struggles to find a new life for herself after being disgraced by her father’s criminal activity. When her father’s sins find her, she disappears to Wyoming, finding a job as a housekeeper on a ranch named Independence. Her journey takes her through love and enduring friendship, heartache and betrayal, and a fight for survival. Throughout, Sonora must decide if her past will define her, or if she will fight to keep the life she has built for herself at Independence.
“Social scientists are gradually responding to the challenge of re-theorizing youth transitions in the face of social change, and this book makes an important contribution to the literature in this respect. It provides absorbing insights into intergenerational change and its effect on intergenerational relationships, and will be of interest to students of family studies as well as youth studies.” Gill Jones, Emeritus Professor of Sociology, Keele University How do young people experience leaving home? What is the relationship between leaving home, independence and adulthood? How important are family, friends and other sources of support in young people’s lives? This book addresses important aspects of youth transitions. It uses the experiences of leaving or planning to leave the parental home as an example of an increasingly complex transition, one which provides the opportunity to reflect upon the meanings of home, independence and adulthood. It explores cross-cultural differences , as well as the interrelationships between transitions to adulthood, the achievement of independence, and leaving home. The role of significant others, particularly parents, on young people’s decisions is a key theme, as well as considering how young people’s practices impact on others. The book places the processes of leaving the parental home in a wider perspective, theoretically and in terms of policy concerns. Throughout the text, different international contexts are used for comparison. Drawing on a broad range of disciplines including sociology, geography, social policy, youth studies and cultural studies, this is a key text for researchers, post-graduate students and final year undergraduates interested in issues related to the family, youth studies and comparative social sciences.

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