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In his highly regarded new book, Paul Antonellis -— fire service veteran, training/education consultant, instructor, author -— explores the aspects of labour relations that are intertwined with human resource management in today’s fire service organisations.

Intended as a text for college-level fire service programs, Labor Relations for the Fire Service meets USFA’s FESHE requirement for the Personnel Management for the Fire and Emergency Services course.
A popular reference book, this bulletin gives definitions and historical background for nearly 300 frequently used words, phrases, and acronyms. It has been revised to reflect recent developments in labor relations and is extensively cross-referenced.
In the tradition of The Tao of Physics, Perkowitz (physics, Emory U.) mingles scientific theories with psychic mysteries, creating an elegant and evocative technical interpretation of light's story. Inspired by Magritte's painting Empire of Light and its paradoxical portrayal of day and night, Perkowitz picks up the artist's theme in discussions of ancient discoveries, modern theories (in cosmic and subatomic form), and the human eye's ability to receive data to link it with physiological responses. All this rather dry analysis is illuminated with examples from the artistry of Vincent van Gogh, Edward Hopper, Edgar Degas, and James Turrell. Our only regret is that the beautiful description of how light moves across real water and the water of van Gogh's perspective could not be accompanied by a reproduction of the painting. Annotation copyright by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR
For all the billions of dollars the sports industry generates, its labor laws and negotiations are still relatively new, and their impact is only beginning to be felt. Labor Relations in Professional Sports offers a step-by-step examination of how these new management-player relationships have come about and what they may portend for the future. In an engaging style that is rich in sports history and anecdotes, the authors examine the background of the major team sports--baseball, football, basketball, and hockey--and analyze how business and legal considerations have affected each sport's development. They also probe current unresolved issues and predictable future problems, such as the relationships of broadcast networks and sports leagues. Surprisingly, this book with so formidable a title is not only readable but even difficult to put down. Explanations of complex legal decisions are reduced to brief, lucid passages. Extensive footnotes are provided in each chapter for readers who wish greater detail. "Choice" . . . a comprehensive treatment of labor relations in sports. . . . Overall, the book is a slam-dunk success. "Journal of Law and Commerce"

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