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Shaz embodies everything Billy’s ever wanted, but Billy isn’t sure he can handle the ridicule he’ll get for being with a queen like Shaz.
Jim discovers he has two heart problems—a wonky mitral valve and a serious attraction to his doctor. But Ken Tanaka is a major player.
Two lives. Two dreams. But only one can come true if Ru and Gray are going to be together. Who’s going to be Prince of the Playhouse?
Can architecture student Ian and his gorgeous boss, Braden Lord, make a romance work despite their differences and their baggage? It’ll only take a thousand steps.
"Can a man pretend to find true love?" Big, handsome, and hunky, JJ LaRousse looks like an alpha male but acts like an interior decorator. And he's trying to be happy about it--until a robbery at the famous Laguna Winter Fantasy brings JJ face-to-face with tough cop, Ryan Star. JJ hears Ryan likes guys who are manly men, so he drops his voice an octave, colors over his pink hair, and tries to pass as a football fan. After all, his father always said he should be more macho. Ryan Star may be tough, but he hides in the closet at work. He learned in New York that being a gay cop can cost you your life. His attraction to the big, handsome JJ threatens his anonymity, but he can't seem to resist. JJ is just his type. But when JJ goes skiing and comes face to face with his greatest nemesis, all the secrets come out of the closet. Can Ryan love JJ for who he really is? More importantly, can JJ?
Both Will and Noah want to win the Milton Scholarship for art. Noah may have a way, since the teacher of his class has designs on him.
Attraction sparks between cowboy Danny and decorator Laurie, but their lives are worlds apart, and cowboys don’t ride unicorns.

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