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Brilliant colours. Fool-proof shapes. Total art satisfaction. This new edition of Stencil Art comes in easy-to-shelve, simple-to-stack, a-snap-to-wrap format, complete with an eight-colour pigment-ink pad and eight beautifully colour-coordinated foam-tipped dabbers. Step-by-step instructions make it easy to create detailed scenes, funny faces, custom wrapping paper, magic mandalas and much, much more. The sky's not even the limit!
When we first came across these amazing window colors, we were impressed with how gorgeous the finished products looked. But we couldn’t help wondering whether real kids could get such fantastic results. So we did what we always do: We rounded up some real kids and let them try it out. Turns out making beautiful window art is about as simple as squirting mustard on a hot dog – and about sixty million times more fun. This classic edition of Window Art features tried-and-true, ready-to-trace designs, and six bottles of squirt-on, peel-off colors. Here’s how it works: Pick a design. Put one of the included plastic sleeves over the page. Trace the outline of your design using the black squeeze bottle, and use the remaining five Window Colors to color it in as you please. Once it’s dry, peel your design off the plastic and stick it on a window, shower door, mirror, or any other glass surface you like. If you change your mind about where you want it, just peel and stick it again and again. With Window Art, every room in the house gets a terrific view.
Take drawing to dizzying heights! Create gorgeous geometric art with Klutz's meticulously designed gears and draw-right-on-'em pages. Now packaged with heaps of workspace and storage, update project ideas and a 6-colour quick-switch pen to inspire stunning rainbow-bright spirals.
No longer a throwaway item - Klutz bottle caps are the perfect canvas for an innovative work of art. Kids can use the charms and press-out add ons to embellish bottle caps. Once they've gone crazy with the glitter and googly eyes, the proprietary glaze creates a shiny durable finish, and when they're finished they'll have unique backpack danglers, fridge magnets, belt loop hangers, and loads more.
Create your own ridiculously adorable adornments! Charm bracelets are always in style and this book shows girls how to customise their own bracelet with more than 30 different clay charm designs. Form custom charms, bake them in an ordinary oven, add shine with the special glaze then attach your creations to the included bracelet or hang them in the custom display rack!
In 2006, Klutz introduced a book on the venerable art of quilling. The topic was given a fresh, friendly spin, with plenty of kid-appealing projects and bright, juicy colour. More than 400,000 copies later Twirled Paper is still going strong. Kids-and adults-love creating quirky, curly artwork out of strips of coloured paper, and now a whole new generation can be introduced to the wonderful world of Twirled Paper.
• Storytime outlines, craft ideas, surveys, and questionnaires for use with teen parents • Ready-to-use flannel board story patterns • A contribution from Maryann Mori, a nationally recognized expert on presenting "Every Child Ready to Read" workshops to teen parents • Extensive bibliographies and lists, including recommended books to read aloud, recorded music, fingerplays, and resources—both books and websites—for teen parent program development

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