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LEARNING NEW WORDS IS AS EASY AS ONE, TWO, THREE! • RECOGNIZE the keys to the English language, the basic units from which all words are made • FOLLOW clear examples of how the key explains a word's origin and meaning -- or how it combines with other keys to create new words • BUILD your word power with practical exercises to expand and integrate your knowledge, without memorization Why enroll in an expensive course when everything you need to increase your vocabulary is at your fingertips? With this tested step-by-step method, you can instantly understand and retain thousands of words -- even words you have never seen before. By examining the building blocks of all words, a basic skill you already use every day without realizing it, you can unlock the meaning behind any word. A strong vocabulary is essential for academic and career success, greater self-confidence in speaking and writing, and improved reading comprehension. Master the secrets of increased word power with Instant Vocabulary!
Presents an easy and quick way for students of Japanese to increase their vocabulary. The text introduces the main prefixes and suffixes, to multiply vocabulary and enhance expressive power. All prefixes are illustrated using sample English sentences, romanized and standard Japanese script. Having grasped the rudiments of Japanese grammar, what the student needs next are more words, phrases and turns of phrase. Prefixes and suffixes, written with a single kanji, which can be attached to ordinary words, are the answer.
Many words in French are nearly the same as their English counterparts, except for the word ending. For example, English words ending in 'ary' (ordinary) usually end in 'aire' in French (ordinaire). This book teaches 23 word-ending patterns between English and French and provides over 4,000 vocabulary words that follow them. Perfect as a classroom supplement or for self-study, it is appropriate for all ages and levels of experience. The companion audio CD teaches pronunciation.
This new integrated skills book features high-interest readings and grammar, presented in a teachable, flexible format.

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