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This book offers a comprehensive overview of fundamental concepts of animal behavior as they relate to insects. Considerably updated and expanded, this new edition includes 26 case studies, as well as 45 new color plates and 173 figures (over 40% of them new) with detailed legends that add richness to the well-written, accessible text.
Explains the diverse and ingenious ways in which insects have adapted to their environments.
Insect behavior; The biological basis of insect behavior; Insect bahavior as field of study; The programming and integration of behavior; Nervous coordinating mechanisms; Hormonal coordinating mechanisms; Internal communication; The increase of information; Spatial adjustment; Locomotion; Orientation; Dispersal; Thermoregulation; Feeding behavior; Herbivores and plants; Food location; Social feeding behaviors; Food recognition and acceptance; Regulation of feeding; Chemical communication; Mechanisms of chemical comuunication; Odor production and chemoreception; Types of chemical communications; The functions of chemical.Visual communication; Light production; Light reception; Functions of visual communication; Mechano-communication; Defense survival catalogue.Reprocuctive behavior. Brood care and social life.
Control of Insect Behavior by Natural Products presents papers on new biochemical approaches to pest control. The book presents articles on pheromone research with stored-product Coleoptera; some general considerations of insects responses to the chemicals in food plants; and pheromones of the honey bee. The text also includes papers on several substances responsible for the feeding behavior and growth of the silkworm larva; the sensory responses of Phytophagus lepidoptera to chemical and tactile stimuli; and the use of volatile organic sulfur compounds as insect attractants with special reference to host selection. Insect anti-feedants in plants; a house fly attractant in the mushroom; and studies on sex pheromones of the stored grain moths are also considered. The book also demonstrates articles on the electrophysiological investigation of insect olfaction; and host attractants for the rice weevil and the cheese mite. Entomologists, biologists, chemists, and people involved in the research of pest control will find the book invaluable.
Some fundamentals; Function aspects of behavior; Some special considerations.

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