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Rother is the next Ann Rule.--Gregg Olsen Praise for Caitlin Rother "A superb writer." --Los Angeles Times "A star in the field of true crime." --The San Diego Union-Tribune "Will keep you on the edge of your seat." --Aphrodite Jones Nanette Johnston Packard, a sexy divorcee, liked to meet men at the gym and through personal ads. Soon after she began dating millionaire Bill McLaughlin, he moved her and her kids into his bay-front home in Newport Beach. But one man was never enough for Nanette. . . Eric Naposki, her NFL linebacker lover, fulfilled Nanette's wilder cravings. Together they schemed to make her fiance's fortune their own. When McLaughlin was gunned down, authorities had suspicions--but no proof. Pulitzer-nominated writer Caitlin Rother explores this chilling story of a woman who seemed to have it all--until justice finally had its day. Includes dramatic photos
A practical guide for family caregivers helps family caregivers cope with uncomfortable thoughts and feelings, avoid burnout, access resources and negotiate with unhelpful health care and social service systems, and set boundaries and find ways of meeting their own needs.
THE EXCITING CONCLUSION TO THE DUCHAMPS' DYNASTY SERIES! Rosalee Davenport is proud and prickly. She’s also desperate. Thomas DuChamps had offered to help her save her family’s home by turning it into an inn, but that help came with strings… attached to the gorgeous heir, Justin DuChamps. But Justin is more than a pretty face. Artistic, kind, caring, awkwardly endearing, he’s a bad boy who reformed himself. He’s also determined to help her whether she wants it or not, Rosalee doesn’t know what to do with a man who wants to give more than he wants to take. Justin has battled his demons and, if not won, at least came out on top for the moment. Balance is important to him, in all things. But Rosalee, with her gorgeous curves and kick-butt attitude, throws him off from the get-go. Surrounded by the eccentric Davenport women, possibly contending with a haunted house, and locking horns with a woman who makes his blood boil in every way that counts, Justin hasn’t felt so alive in years. He wants to take care of Rosalee, to be her rock when she’s been everyone else’s for so long… But trust is an issue for her and when her ex comes around, he sees why. Can he convince her that she can trust him enough to lean on him, and that leaning on him won’t make her weak? Or will stubborn pride be the downfall for both of them? This is the third and final book of The DuChamps' Dynasty Series. Please check out Book One, Been Loving You Too Long and Book Two, Have a Little Faith In Me.
Eleanore Kent and Matthew Williams are still together while she is on sabbatical from her college classroom. They decide to get together in the wonderful city of New Orleans in a warmer, spring environment. While they planned to rest and relax, they soon discover a troubling disappearance and an infant left in their condo.
The author of the Sunday Times bestselling Take a Look at Me Now, returns to New York with her most heart-warming, romantic story yet.
Winner of an iParenting Media Award! Puberty can be especially tough when young people have autism or other special needs. Through simple stories similar to Carol Gray's Social Stories, author Mary Wrobel teaches caregivers exactly what to say and not say, and shows how you can create helpful stories of your own. Mary addresses hygiene, modesty, body growth and development, menstruation, touching, personal safety, and more. Young students can benefit from self-care skills such as using the toilet, brushing teeth, and washing hands. Parents and teachers should begin teaching these necessary skills as early as possible, even from ages 3-5. The ultimate goal is to maximize the child's potential for independence and lifelong social success. Helpful sections include: Hygiene Health Modesty Growth and Development Menstruation Touching and Personal Safety Masturbation Using A Urinal

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