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Hurricanes of the Gulf of Mexico presents a comprehensive history and analysis of the hurricanes that occurred in the Gulf of Mexico from the 1800s to the present, reporting each hurricane's point of origin, oceanic and atmospheric influences, track, size, intensity, point of landfall, storm surge, and impact on life and the environment. Additional information describes the unique features of the Gulf that influence the development of hurricanes, and the problems of predicting hurricane activity in the coming years. Hurricanes of the Gulf of Mexico is illustrated with 52 photographs, 44 maps, and 15 charts, plus tables and graphs.
Accurate predictions and understanding of littoral and coastal wave conditions are of major importance to military operations and civilian coastal zone management. Although WaveWatchIII (WW3) is used by many operational forecasting centers around the world, there is a lack of field studies to evaluate its accuracy in regional applications and under extreme conditions, such as Hurricanes. Data from seven National Data Buoy Center (NDBC) buoys in the Gulf of Mexico, together with an array of pressure and pressure-velocity sensors deployed on the Florida Panhandle shelf during the Office of Naval Research (ONR) SAX04 experiment, were used to test WW3 predictions of extreme waves generated by Hurricane Ivan. The model predicts large differences between wave conditions on the left and right sides of the hurricane track owing to the difference in "dwell time" between wave propagating against and with the storm. Analysis reveals a tendency to predict smaller wave heights and later arrival of hurricane swell than is observed. Additionally, the default operational setting for dissipation by bottom friction yields too much dissipation on the continental shelf. Overall, the agreement between observations and model predictions is reasonable.
Featuring a comprehensive chronology of more than one hundred different storms, an informative and up-to-date account of the major hurricanes to hit Florida over the past four and a half centuries, and their human cost, includes more than one hundred illustrations and seventy-six maps. Simultaneous. UP.
Ocean wave conditions at locations along the US Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico coastlines are hindcast during hurricanes occurring between 1956 and 1975. A total of 68 hurricanes occurred in the period, 43 affecting the Atlantic coast and 25 the gulf coast. The hindcast method is discussed and verification presented for storms where observations are available. Results are presented as the highest wave occuring at each location and significant wave height versus return period for each location. Keywords: Hindcasting. (edc).

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