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2013 marks the two hundredth anniversary of the birth of Blessed Antoine-Frederic Ozanam. The worldwide Society of Saint Vincent de Paul has planned celebrations for his birthday and feast day. This new biography, the first in English in many years, is dedicated to this remarkable Catholic layman.
The newly released Book"BE LIFTED UP!" Is captivating and geared to embrace every reader's attention to the many details in life that are sometimes overlooked and of course sometimes not overlooked. The Author captures for her readers life's challenges and victories, questions and answers, and its liberties and captivities for both the saved and the unsaved. This Book will guide you to see life through the eyes of the beholder, God Himself! And you will soon discover be it through the Author's eyes or your own, there is nothing new under the sun, it just has different partners. The Author's focus is to challenge people all over the world to gain victory in life through our God given ability to see life not as "we do," but in the way that God does. Quote from Author: "A Natural leader will always stand out from the crowd; they do not allow themselves to be locked into the "Status quo," the "Norm." Natural leaders are constantly striving for perfection.
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Andrew Brunson examines the presence and function of Ps 118 in the Gospel of John, placing particular emphasis on its interpretation in a New Exodus context which has previously not been developed in the Fourth Gospel. Following a comprehensive survey of Ps 118's Jewish setting, its role in the festivals, and its use in the Synoptic Gospels, special attention is given to the quotations in the Entrance Narrative.The author argues that John portrays Jesus as bringing an end to Israel's state of continuing exile by fulfilling the role reserved to Yahweh in the New Exodus. This culminates in the Entrance to Jerusalem where Jesus embodies the return of Yahweh to reign among his people. A literary study of the coming-sent theme in John underscores the extent to which Jesus is identified ontologically and functionally with the Father. A previously unnoticed allusion to Ps 118 and Jubilees in John 8.56 is explored, and attention is paid to establishing the presence and developing the function of several neglected allusions to the psalm in 10:7-10; 10:24-25; and 11:41-42.

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