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A collection of hidden picture puzzles for children.
Young puzzle fans who like the challenge of identifying the differences between similar pictures will enjoy this little activity book. Children are asked to spot differences in 27 sets of brain teasers, among them 2 pictures of a dog and his friend and backyard scenes of fluttering butterflies.
Kids will have tons of fun as they explore 12 whimsical scenes filled with exciting-to-find hidden objects. Clues and answers provided. Each picture can be colored in, too!
Big Workbooks are packed with exercises that make learning fun. Each Big Workbook promotes comprehensive learning by combining several School Zone workbooks into one affordable edition. The workbooks contain the simple instructions, colorful illustrations, and proven activities that will help children be successful in school.
This volume explores the full spectrum of early writing skills in a lively workbook format. Simple instructions to follow and a great satisfaction fro the children as they accomplish their tasks: draw what is missing from a picture, circle the different objects, draw the missing wheels on buses, draw the tiles on the roofs, draw long or short hair on heads, help a monkey find a banana, and much more.

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