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Explores the cultural and historical foundations of ecological change and disorder across the southwest slopes of NSW, a rich and productive agricultural region.
A cast without a leading man, a scriptwriter with writer's block, and mounting tension on the set mean top-rated television show Heartland is headed toward cancellation. Then a hero comes along---a reluctant new actor---to save the day. But no one knows where he really came from---least of all, him.
When Neil Cross was five years old, his mother left him. No note, no phone call, just an empty house and a brow-beaten father. Two years later, she came back for her son. She was not alone. Neil's new step-father was a South-African white supremacist. He was a serial adulterer, a thief, a con man, a racist and a liar. And in many ways, he was the perfect father. In their backstreet Edinburgh slum, Derek Cross introduced Neil to Tom Sawyer, Kidnapped, and The Three Musketeers, and whilst his step-son battled violent anti-English racism everyday in the playground, Derek discovered a new way to isolate his family; he became a Mormon Bishop in the Church of the Latter Day Saints. This is a story about being raised a racist and an outsider - and overcoming it; about family and step-family; about class and religion; and about how resentment breeds violence. And it's about what, in the end, the love of books can do for you.
Young Garrett Darby lived a pleasant life with his mother and father in the Scottish Highlands. That life becomes a memory when Garrett is taken captive by people who call themselves Romans. Garrett eventually discovers that this new home could be more appealing than he originally thought. This happiness proves to be temporary. His life is turned upside down a second time when he finds himself on the wrong end of a political conspiracy. Garrett is again forced to abandon his friends, his family, his home, his Heartland.
Hard-Pressed in the Heartland tells the heartbreaking but empowering story of a spirited local union trying to resist management's drive for concessions--while fending off a conservative national union leadership unwilling to support its own members. Going beyond academic history, it offers useful perspectives for rebuilding a democratic, militant, community-based unionism that can succeed where today's bureaucratic unionism cannot.

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