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This comprehensive and accessible reference explores the greatest and most mysterious of civilizations, hailed for its contributions to science, mathematics, and technology. Each chapter is supplemented by an extensive bibliography as well as photos, original line drawings, and maps.
Presents the latest archaeological and historical research on all aspects of Maya society, from its earliest beginnings to the Spanish Conquest in the 16th century.
Describes the people, places, and events of Ancient Rome, describing travel, trade, language, religion, economy, industry and more, from the days of the Republic through the High Empire period and beyond.
Explores the lifestyles of ancient Mesopotamia, including the civilization, rulers and leaders, economics, and more.
Uses field exploration, forensic engineering, and 3-D virtual reconstruction of Maya projects to present the best of Mayan technology, including the blast furnace, giant multistory buildings, and the longest bridge in the ancient world.
Describes the Ancient Mayan civilization, including their religious views, intellectual achievements, and everyday life.
An introduction to the history of Mexico covers such topics as indigenous peoples, the environment, the North American Free Trade Agreement, and current law enforcement efforts against the drug cartels.

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