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Kongresse, Festivals oder sportliche Großveranstaltungen planen und organisieren - das ist für viele ein Traumberuf. Hinter diesen Events steckt allerdings eine hochprofessionelle Branche. Das Buch verrät Studierenden und Quereinsteigern alles Wissenswerte über Geschichte, Akteure, Organisationen und Event-Formate. Zudem vermittelt es griffig das Grundwissen rund um die Eventplanung, -umsetzung und -evaluierung. Kurzum: Das Taschenbuch ist ein Must-have für alle (angehenden) EventmanagerInnen.
Yogi Amrit Desai, one of the earliest pioneers of yoga in this country, began teaching in 1960. Out of the Kundalini awakening he experienced in 1970, Yogi Desai developed a spiritual dimension to the practice of Hatha Yoga and named it Kripalu Yoga in honor of his guru, Swami Sri Kripalvanandji. Today, more than 5,000 yoga teachers are certified in the methodology he developed. A prolific author, his books include Kripalu Yoga: Meditation in Motion, Book I and II and Amrit Yoga, and the upcoming Love & Bliss, a book of inspirational poetry for daily living, also available on CD, read by Yogi Desai.
The migration of constitutional ideas across jurisdictions is one of the central features of contemporary constitutional practice. The increasing use of comparative jurisprudence in interpreting constitutions is one example of this. In this 2007 book, leading figures in the study of comparative constitutionalism and comparative constitutional politics from North America, Europe and Australia discuss the dynamic processes whereby constitutional systems influence each other. They explore basic methodological questions which have thus far received little attention, and examine the complex relationship between national and supranational constitutionalism - an issue of considerable contemporary interest in Europe. The migration of constitutional ideas is discussed from a variety of methodological perspectives - comparative law, comparative politics, and cultural studies of law - and contributors draw on case-studies from a wide variety of jurisdictions: Australia, Hungary, India, South Africa, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada.
This textbook follows the advanced level syllabus in marketing Communications for the CIM syllabus. Approaching the subject of marketing from an international perspective, Strategic Marketing Communicationsfeatures case studies, model documents and checklists.
Diasporas result from the scattering of populations and cultures across geographical space and time. Transnational in nature and unbounded by space, they cut across the static, territorial boundaries more usually deployed to govern tourism. In a vibrant inter-disciplinary collection of essays from leading scholars in the field, this book introduces the main features and constructs of diasporas, and explores their implications for the consumption, production and practices of tourism. Three sets of mutually reinforcing relationships are explored: experiences of diaspora tourists the settings and spaces of diaspora tourism the production of diaspora tourism. Addressing the relationship between diasporic groups and tourism from both a consumer and producer perspective, examples are drawn from a wide spectrum of diasporic groups including the Chinese, Jewish, Southeast Asian, Croatian, Dutch and Welsh. Until now, there has been no systematic and detailed treatment of the relationships between diasporas, their consumptions and the tourist experience. However, here, Coles and Timothy provide a unique navigation of the nature of these inter-connections which is ideal for students of tourism, sociology, cultural studies.

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