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"Touted as one of the main engineers of Singapore's economic growth, Dr. Goh's collection of writings and speeches seek to shed light on the various challenges that China faced in the early 90s. His arguments and analyses were presented clearly and concisely while being firmly established upon economic principles. Covering a broad range of topics from the growth of industries and enterprises to financial reforms and the difficulties of doing business in China, this collection provides a comprehensive view of problems the Chinese government faced while providing possible solutions. Despite being written two decades ago, the issues raised in these papers and speeches are uncannily relevant to the issues that the current Chinese government faces today"--Provided by publisher.
' This book record achievements of the East Asian Institute (EAI), one of the top five think tanks in the world under the leadership of Dr Goh Keng Swee, Professors Wang Gungwu, John Wong and Zheng Yongnian. The hard work behind the nurturing of this institute is sometimes invisible, unwritten and under-appreciated but the contributions and results are clear and relevant to the scholarly world. The works of EAI''s originating guardians as well as the future endeavours of its current directorship thus need to be chronicled for future generations of scholars to learn from this intellectual experience of managing an institution as complex as EAI. The detailed historiography of EAI in this publication represents the multiple histories of EAI, China''s developmental path since the initiation of market reforms as well as Singapore''s collaborative interface with China''s development. Contents: The Making of the East Asian Institute (Lim Tai Wei)Goh Keng Swee and Contemporary China Studies in Singapore (John Wong)Singapore''s Road to "China Watching" (John Wong) Readership: Professionals, policy-makers and general readers interested in the development of China Studies in Singapore and the history of the East Asian Institute. Keywords:Goh Keng Swee;China Studies;East Asian Institute'
"Showcasing the substantive and multi-faceted Singapore-China relationship, this book examines the political, economic, socio-cultural, people-to-people and even military exchanges between the two countries. It also highlights flagship projects and other key private sector-led projects that have become hallmarks of bilateral cooperation. The book argues that the current level of cooperation is built on the earlier foundation laid by Lee Kuan Yew and Deng Xiaoping. In a way, the bilateral relationship is a unique one. For one, Deng Xiaoping had singled out Singapore as a model for China's reforms and China today continues to find Singapore's experience relevant. Singapore is also learning from China in the process. The two countries also have a number of bilateral institutional mechanisms that have become more important in reviewing existing cooperation and identifying new ways of working together. Rather than simply provide an overview of bilateral relations, the book highlights the unique or distinguishing features of the Singapore-China relationship in four main areas, which are revealed in the book"--
Goh held: social welfare; political and constitutional evolution; development economics and finance; the armed forces and defence industry; the education system, from schools through higher education to the research institutes; Chinese studies, from Confucianism to 'China watching'; and cultural development, with special emphasis on the creation of the Singapore Symphony Orchestra. Goh Keng Swee: A Legacy of Public Service will be read by present and future generations of public servants, by Singaporeans in general, and by all students and laypersons with an interest in the modern history of Singapore - social, economic, political, military, and cultural - to which a characteristically simple and frugal Dr. Goh contributed both decisively and unreservedly.
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