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"Touted as one of the main engineers of Singapore's economic growth, Dr. Goh's collection of writings and speeches seek to shed light on the various challenges that China faced in the early 90s. His arguments and analyses were presented clearly and concisely while being firmly established upon economic principles. Covering a broad range of topics from the growth of industries and enterprises to financial reforms and the difficulties of doing business in China, this collection provides a comprehensive view of problems the Chinese government faced while providing possible solutions. Despite being written two decades ago, the issues raised in these papers and speeches are uncannily relevant to the issues that the current Chinese government faces today"--Provided by publisher.
"Showcasing the substantive and multi-faceted Singapore-China relationship, this book examines the political, economic, socio-cultural, people-to-people and even military exchanges between the two countries. It also highlights flagship projects and other key private sector-led projects that have become hallmarks of bilateral cooperation. The book argues that the current level of cooperation is built on the earlier foundation laid by Lee Kuan Yew and Deng Xiaoping. In a way, the bilateral relationship is a unique one. For one, Deng Xiaoping had singled out Singapore as a model for China's reforms and China today continues to find Singapore's experience relevant. Singapore is also learning from China in the process. The two countries also have a number of bilateral institutional mechanisms that have become more important in reviewing existing cooperation and identifying new ways of working together. Rather than simply provide an overview of bilateral relations, the book highlights the unique or distinguishing features of the Singapore-China relationship in four main areas, which are revealed in the book"--
This compilation of analyses on Hong Kong covers the important events that have taken place in Hong Kong since 1997, including its economic integration and relations with China, its governance conundrums, the Hong Kong identity and nation-building, the implementation of the minimum wage, and the elections from 2011-2012.
In Global Hakka: Hakka Identity in the Remaking Jessieca Leo offers a needed update on Hakka history and a reassessment on Hakka identity in the global and transnational contexts, and views the concept of ‘being Hakka’ in the 21st century as Hakkaness – a quality determined by lifestyle and personal choice.
To many developing countries of the Third World, modernisation is essentially a vital strategy against centuries of poverty. For success to be achieved, the ethos of the traditional society and the old order must give way to new beliefs and values, which stress efficiency, law and order, merit through achievement, and a strong effective government able to put through difficult, unpopular, but necessary measures. This is the orientation and at the same time the unifying thread of the present collection of speeches by an economist who had borne prime responsibility for Singapore's economic policies through its evolution from colony to republic. Dr. Goh Keng Swee's speeches were made over the period 1959-71, a climacteric in the history of not only Singapore, but also the developing countries of Asia. Singapore's experience, despite its unique circumstances, may provide useful pointers to others. The title of this book notwithstanding, the speeches also deal with sociological, political, defence and other topics. Reflecting the prevalent issues then, these essays are an invaluable record not only of Singapore's progress towards a total, viable statehood, but also of the problems faced by developing countries in the 1960s. This re-issue is part of the Singapore Economics History Collection and features a new Foreword by Associate Professor Kwok Kian Woon of Nanyang Technological University.
'The Encyclopedia of Modern Asia' is a monumental new scholarly work, as expansive in scope as the continent of Asia itself. Under the direction of cultural anthropologist David Levinson, 800 contributors from around the world - including 25 Asian countri

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